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Baby&You Massage Classes.
There are so many benefits to baby massage, and this is one baby class must do! Baby massage has physical, emotional and social benefits. You will love the one on one time with your baby, and take away a little remedial tool box. This class is certainly a skill for life.
These sessions are a perfect for babies from 6 weeks post birth. Connecting though all the senses, babies will be touched, bonded and relaxed.
Sessions are around one hour long.
Included in the price is a sample size of Neals yard organic baby oil, you can choose from plain unscented or infused with calming essential oils. Handouts will be sent across each week to support the sessions
There will be refreshments available also.
5 sessions within the course cost £55

Please sign the form below for a start date.

Please note no discount on missed sessions as this is classed as a learning course, we always catch up the following week, and you will receive the course notes each week. I will also offer one catch up zoom sessions should you need to miss a session due to illness (the course will also complete over zoom in the case of a further lockdown mid-course)

There have been a few adjustments due to covid-19.
1) where I used to provide all towels for families each week; I now will be asking all families to provide their own towels.
2) hand sanitizer will be available for you on entering and exiting of the building.
3)spaces will be further limited to allow for social distance between families.
4) any sickness absence to be reported to me, and please stay home with any symptoms of covid-19
5) please bring your own cups for refreshments during class.
6) please provide your own blanket for your baby to lay on.
7) please ensure all rubbish is taken home after class.
8) All handouts will now be electronically sent after each session

I will continue to edit and update as we have more information on how we operate.

I will continue to follow guidelines and to ensure your safety at all times.

Thank you Katie X
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