HMS/PVHS Distance Learning Feedback
The purpose of this survey is to collect feedback from families about your experience during this period of emergency remote learning. There are no right or wrong answers; please answer as honestly as possible. Your input will be used to help inform next steps for SAD 31.
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1. In your opinion, how easy or difficult has it been for your child/children to keep up with learning expectations during our school closure?
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2. What are the biggest challenges your child faces, if any, in keeping up with his/her learning while connecting remotely? (check all that apply)
3. To what extent do you agree with the following statement: Each of my children has access to an adequate device that meets their needs.
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4. The internet in our home is:
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5. How would you describe the amount of work provided to your child(ren) during distance learning?
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6. How easy or difficult has it been for your child(ren)to keep up with coursework expectations during emergency remote learning?
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7. In general, the frequency with which school/district communicate(s) with parents and families has been...
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8. As we move into the 2020-21 school year, what supports or communications would you like to see continued or provided additionally by the school to either engage your student in learning opportunities, or help you as you support your student at home?
9. What measures or protocols do you feel will be important for us to keep in mind to ensure the safety of your student in the Fall?
10. Is there anything else you would like for us to know?
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