Code of Conduct - For Parent(s) or Guardian and Student. If you have more than 1 Student you must complete this form for EACH STUDENT.
It is becoming more evident that alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances may easily become addictive and harmful to an individual’s physical and mental health.

The District has a Substance Abuse Policy, which recommends counseling assistance for the student having a problem with alcohol or illegal substances. Additionally, the District has developed and implemented a program to assist students in need of help due to violation of the Code of Conduct.

Extra-curricular activities are extensions of the District’s curriculum and the students’ academic experience and are privileges afforded to the students during their educational experience. The District feels a student participating in extra-curricular activities should be a good representative for themselves, their families, their fellow students who are participating with them, their school and their community. The District also believes that alcohol; tobacco and illegal substances have no place in a student’s life at any time.

Contained in the Code of Conduct Policy, as provided later on this form, are the guidelines of expected behavior for your child if they choose to participate in an extra-curricular activity. We are asking you, the parent(s) or guardian, to read and discuss with your child the positive aspects of refraining from using alcohol, tobacco and/or illegal substances. You must also note there are penalties for your child if they do use alcohol, tobacco and/or illegal substances or for confiscation (stealing) or destruction of public or private property or violation of Municipal, State, or Federal codes (excluding minor traffic violations) if they choose to participate in athletics or co-curricular clubs or activities.

After you have read and discussed the Code of Conduct, please electronically sign this sheet, have your child electronically sign the sheet. Make sure you hit the SUBMIT key at the end.

We have read and discussed with our child the Natrona County School District’s Code of Conduct and understand the penalties for a violation should they choose to participate in any athletics or co-curricular clubs or activities.

If you have more than 1 STUDENT you will have to complete this form for EACH STUDENT.
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