Dockship Partnerships
Hi there! Welcome to Dockship Partnership program! 🥳

We are partnering with developer communities, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram Influencers all across India. If you are one of them, then please fill up this form to become a partner with Dockship. As a Dockship partner, you will have privileged benefits here's how the partnership works for you and your community members:

For your community:

1. Community Boost: A program for growing communities which require sponsorship for their day to day needs. We commit up to $5000 to those communities as a platform credit.
2. We will list you on our website as our community partner with a link to your page/channel/profile/website.
3. Our social media posts and newsletters will mention your community.

For your members:

1. For the members of your community, we will wave off our commission on the website for the next two years.
2. Will make the Developer Pass available at a discounted rate to your members for the next two years. The developer pass is required to publish and sell AI models on Dockship.
3. We have an exclusive partnership with Coding Ninjas, your members will avail discounts on their courses through us.

Interested? What are you waiting for! Apply now!


* Community boost is only available for Student-run, Non-Profit, Developer communities based out of grad or undergrad schools. The total sponsorship varies according to the number of members. Here are the three tiers for community boost.

Community Boost Bronze: upto $1000 platform credits - min. 2500 members.
Community Boost Silver: upto $2500 platform credit - min. 5000 members
Community Boost Gold: upto $5000 platform credit - min. 10000 members.

Community boost is currently only available for the communities based in India.
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