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All team members are required from 13th - 19th July inclusive. Please confirm you can meet this requirement. *
Specific arrival and departure times vary per team and will be confirmed closer to the time.
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New Wine Ireland requires that you supply the names of referees, who we can approach, for written or verbal references. One of these should be a church leader (preferably one who oversees your involvement in a ministry).
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Unless otherwise requested, team accommodation will be allocated 2 weeks prior to the conference. If you have a particular request (e.g. stay with family/friends), please note it below and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
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General Information for Team members:
Team members are required to be available from Saturday 13th - Friday 19th July and be fully committed to the conference for the entire week . Exact arrival times will be confirmed after your application has been processed.

There is a team-training day planned for May, geared towards Access, Our Place and 0-18s programme team, but will be worth while day for all the teams, in hearing the vision and building team relationships. We will be in touch with more details in the coming months.

New Wine Ireland welcomes applications from people who have disabilities. We are committed to making reasonable adjustments, where necessary, to ensure a fair process. Should you feel you have any difficulties completing this application form, please contact New Wine Ireland via the means below, or speak directly to your team leader.

All successful applicants serving on any team that works with under 18s and Vulnerable adults will be required to complete an Enhanced Access NI application form, and is subject to New Wine policies. This is carried out every three years for those returning on team. if you are required to do this we will send the form to you.

Disclosure information will not be used unfairly and will be treated with utmost confidence. There is an AccessNI Code of practise should a disclosure be made and a copy can be made available on request. it can also be accessed online at There is also policy on the secure handling and retention of Disclosure information which can also be made available from the New Wine Office.

A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a position. The policy for the recruitment of ex-offenders is available on request from the New Wine Office.

Please confirm you have read and agree to the terms above. *
Personal Declaration

Failure to disclose information that subsequently comes to light could result in your application being declined.
1) I declare that the information contained in this application is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
2) I consent to references and further checks with the relevant authorities, if necessary, being made.
3) I have read and understood New Wine Ireland's "Child Protection Policy".
4) I have read and understood New Wine Ireland's "Volunteer Policy".
4) I have been made aware of the "Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy" that is available.
5) I understand that New Wine Ireland reserves the right to decline my application without explanation in light of a Criminal Record Check.
6) By ticking below you are accepting this as a digital signature thus agreeing to the above terms.
Please confirm you have read and agree to the terms above. *
Child Protection Policy

New Wine Policy: Safeguarding the Welfare of Children and Young People

New Wine Ireland (NWI) recognises the unique status of children and young people, and seeks to ensure that they are respectfully treated as individuals. All Team members must accept that the welfare of the child is paramount. The highest standards towards children and young people will be maintained in all pastoral, counselling, worship, prayer and recreational circumstances. All Team members may have contact with children and young people; and so all will be asked whether they have been subject to criminal or civil proceedings, and whether they have caused harm to children or put them at risk.

Clear recruitment procedures, training and supervision are essential for achieving a high-quality service to children and young people participating in NWI activities. It is the duty of all people working with children and young people to prevent abuse and unsafe situations from occurring. All workers are also required to report any abuse disclosed, discovered or suspected, in line with these procedures. NWI will collaborate fully with the statutory and voluntary authorities concerned with investigating abuse. It is important to note that it is the responsibility of the Police, Social Services and NSPCC (not NWI) to investigate the truth of any allegation of abuse.

Good Practice Guidelines
• It is essential that any child abuse issues are not trivialised or exaggerated, and that the proper steps are followed.
• Please be aware that your words and actions may be open to misinterpretation, and therefore you should take great care
to avoid situations in which they could be misunderstood.
• You should never pray with, or meet, a child or young person outside the organised activity other than detached youth team.
• All prayer ministry with children or young people should take place under proper leadership supervision and not after 10.30pm.
• You will be responsible for ensuring that abusive peer activities (such as bullying, etc.) do not occur.
• All steps must be taken to ensure that the site is safe for children, young people and young workers. Any concerns that
you may have should be reported to your Team Leader.

Dealing with an Allegation
For all workers, the most important consideration is to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children and young people with whom they come into contact. Any allegations of abuse must be taken seriously.
NWI has a duty and a legal obligation to report all allegations of abuse to the relevant statutory and voluntary authorities. Allegations may come directly from a child or young person, or from a fellow team-worker, or from an adult. Allegations may refer to a family member, or to someone outside the family such as a teacher, youth leader, or pastor etc. No groups of people are exempt from being abusers or from being abused.

Abuse falls into four broad categories, which can be defined as follows:
• Physical Injury. Any injury to a child or young person caused by a parent or family member, or another person who is
responsible for their care, or in loco parentis.
• Neglect. A failure to meet a child or young person’s basic needs for food, warmth, protection and care.
• Emotional Abuse. The persistent, severe emotional ill-treatment or rejection that severely affects the emotional and/or behavioural development of a child or young person.
• Sexual Abuse. The use of a child or young person to meet an adult’s sexual needs.
If a child or young person begins to tell you about abuse it is vital that you do the following:
• Listen carefully but do not ask leading questions or place your own interpretation upon what they have said.
• Reassure the child or young person that they have done the right thing in telling you. Tell them what you intend to do
• Do not ‘promise not to tell anyone’ or say ‘you will keep it a secret’.
• Report the child or young person’s disclosure to your Team Leader immediately.
• As soon as possible, write down what you were told by the child or young person, using their own words to describe the abuse, and pass this report to your Team Leader.

New Wine Ireland has procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse:
Please report all allegations of abuse to your Team Leader (or Section Leader). They will inform the NWI Child Protection Coordinator, who will take up the matter with the relevant statutory and voluntary authorities (Police, Social Services or NSPCC etc.) which are responsible for investigating allegations of abuse. The first person to be told of the abuse may be asked to give a statement to the Police. It is important to remember that what has been disclosed is confidential and should only be shared with others on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. After telling of abuse, a child or young person can be distressed and concerned about what will happen next. They should be reassured that they have done the right thing, and someone should stay with them within the supervised team situation, and pray with them if required. It is important to remember that the best interests of the child or young person - and the need for the abuse to stop - come before the interests of NWI or the abuser.

We also recommend that, if abuse is disclosed to you, you seek the comfort and support of prayer ministry for yourself.

Volunteer Policy

This policy identifies the benefits New Wine Ireland gains from its volunteers and the benefits that volunteers can expect to gain. It sets out recruitment, induction and training procedures which aim to make sure that both volunteer and organisational expectations are met. It provides for fair and equal treatment of volunteers working with New Wine Ireland.

Who the policy applies to

The policy is for paid staff working with and providing support to volunteers and to volunteers themselves. A copy of the policy will be provided to paid staff and volunteers.

Volunteers are people who freely choose to give their time to undertake tasks and activities to help New Wine Ireland to deliver its objectives, without payment or expectation of payment. The arrangement is voluntary on both sides and either party can bring it to an end.

Volunteers can work in the New Wine Ireland office, training and development events (e.g. Prayer Ministry Training) or at its annual summer conference in Sligo.

New Wine Ireland has a vision that in our generation:

• we will see churches across Ireland renewed and restored in passion for the Word and Works of God;

• we will see individuals and families transformed by meeting Jesus and empowered by His Holy Spirit and this will impact our society; and

• Christians will feel compelled to go out and share the good news of Jesus – forgiveness, healing, hope, restoration and new life – across the length and breadth of Ireland and further afield.

Volunteers are expected to support this vision and possess the following attributes:

• a genuine interest in Christian ministry;

• a willingness to listen and learn; and

• understanding, commitment and reliability.

The nature of volunteer posts and the interaction with church leaders and individuals is such that the post holder will be a committed Christian who supports the vision and values of New Wine Ireland.

New Wine Ireland is not able to accept applications from people who are not willing to commit to its vision, who do not possess the above attributes or who the organisation considers unsuitable for the role.

The benefits that volunteers bring to New Wine Ireland

New Wine Ireland recognises that it could not deliver its objectives without the valuable contribution of committed and hard-working volunteers. They bring expertise, knowledge, experience and skills to the organisation. In particular, volunteers:

• deliver much of the face-to-face interaction with attendees at the organisation’s summer conference and events throughout the year;

• enrich the quality of conferences, training and development events;

• provide contacts and networking opportunities that raise the profile of New Wine Ireland;

• offer specialist knowledge and skills in key areas of work;

• provide a valuable interface between New Wine Ireland, churches across Ireland, the local community and key stakeholders; and

• be part of serving the vision of New Wine Ireland to see churches renewed and new Christian communities established that are committed to the Word and works of God.

The benefits to a volunteer of supporting New Wine Ireland

Supporting the organisation in a voluntary capacity provides:

• an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people across Ireland;

• an opportunity to be part of a well-respected all-Ireland charity;

• personal development opportunities and experiences;

• networking opportunities with paid staff, other volunteers, supporters and attendees at conferences and events; and

• to grow as a follower of Jesus and gain experience in Christian ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit, in a variety of situations.


There are a number of principles that underpin New Wine Ireland’s work involving volunteers:

• Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

• Recruitment and appointment – prospective volunteers who express an interest in a particular role will meet a member of the New Wine Ireland staff team or a Volunteer Leader (summer conference) for a discussion. This is not a competitive interview process. Two written references will be required to confirm suitability for volunteering and Access NI checks may be required depending on the volunteer role (working with children and vulnerable adults).

• Training – each volunteer must undergo an appropriate induction and training process which will be determined by the role for which they are volunteering.

• Statement of expectation – each volunteer must agree to a statement which outlines what is expected from the volunteer and what the volunteer can expect from New Wine Ireland. It is binding in honour only and there is no intention to create a contract of employment between the organisation and volunteers.

• Management and support – each volunteer will be provided with appropriate management and support including at least an annual review meeting. Volunteers cannot commit New Wine Ireland to expenditure.

• Health and safety <link to policy>. Volunteers must take reasonable care of themselves and others while volunteering for New Wine Ireland. They must immediately report accidents or incidents (including near misses).

• Expenses – as a charity with very limited financial resources, New Wine Ireland will not always be able to cover expenses. In all cases, agreement must be reached in advance with a paid member of staff and any payments will be based on the assessment of the organisation’s requirements, the available budget and the volunteer’s own needs.

• Insurance – New Wine Ireland provides Employers Liability and Public Liability insurance cover for all volunteers whilst working on the organisation’s activities. The organisation does not provide motor insurance cover. Evidence of business class motor insurance will be required before reimbursement of mileage costs.

• Confidentiality, copyright and date protection – volunteers are expected to keep confidential any New Wine Ireland information they become aware of that is not in the public domain. Volunteers are required to assign copyright to the organisation of any work produced as part of their volunteering role. New Wine Ireland will comply with the Data Protection Act (1998) in relation to information it holds on volunteers.

• Feedback – New Wine Ireland welcomes feedback on its processes and support for volunteers, particularly when leaving their role.

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