Michigan M@sters 2020 Mentorship Form
Welcome to the Michigan M@sters Mentorship Form! Michigan M@sters is proud to announce the official launch of the Michigan M@sters Mentor Program! This is a small program where a select few individuals will work directly with the Directors of Michigan M@sters and learn about the process of running a tournament and make it happen. Please be aware that during this mentorship, you will be considered minor staff, but not be privy to all information. The information you will be privy to is required to remain confidential, should at any point this trust be breached the mentorship will be dissolved and further action may be taken should be necessary. This mentorship will require an increasing amount of time as the tournament draws closer, so please only apply if you can devote the time needed complete the mentorship. Finally, while not required and will not automatically disqualify you from the mentorship, it is best if you are able to put the learnings from the mentorship into practice and attend the event itself.
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Do you have any experience running a FULL tournament? If so, which one? What did you do? How involved were you? This could be your locals or something larger. Please do not include con tournaments unless they are similar to Youmacon. *
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Do you understand that if accepted, this is a mentorship that also results in a minor "internship" that is completely unpaid and exists solely for the benefit of the mentee to gain understanding, experience and knowledge about running a tournament? *
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