Lamb order 2021
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If you have any questions call: 612-389-8791 or email:

For example, a 85 pound live goat will get approximately, 40 pounds hanging weight (skinned, gut out, head off), and after processing approximately 35 pounds of meat, cost for that will be hanging weight 40*$9.99 = $399.60 (prices are examples)
We hand pick the Goats and Zabiha/Halal by a Muslim individual.
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ONLY one delivery fee will be charged for multiple orders. For example, if you order a lamb, a goat and some beef, there will be only one charge.
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Any other cuts such as lamb leg, ground lamb , boneless lamb stew - please enter in the description box below
Terms and conditions
1. If you fail to pick up at the delivery location there will be $10 extra charge, unless you make prior arrangement at least a day before the scheduled delivery

2. If you have to cancel your order, please email us: within TWO days after you placed the order, otherwise you agree to pay the total.

3. NO return after you pick up meat.

4. If you receive wrong items, you must notify us within 2 days so we can make alternative arrangement. 5. All communications will be via email and sometimes via phone and I agree to check and respond to them.
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