UCSD 2nd Annual Powwow Volunteer Sheet 2012
Hello Everyone!

Thank you for helping out at the Second Annual UCSD Native American Student Allliance Powwow!! The Powwow will be taking place on Saturday May 19th and Sunday May 20th at Muir field. We've extended the Powwow another day this year so we are doubly excited and also doubly hoping for more participation from volunteers. We appreciate you extending a helping hand and please spread the word and tell all of your friends about volunteering at this years Powwow. We need volunteers starting from 8am to 10:30pm on Saturday, and 8am to 7pm on Sunday. Any time you can offer during these hours is much appreciated.

A confirmation email will be sent out to all volunteers April 23/24th as well as a secondary confirmation/reminder email the week of May 7th. We will however continue to accept volunteers until the Day before the Powwow. If any questions please contact the Powwow Volunteer Coordinators, Alexis Smart and Cynthia Begay, at trublu_626@yahoo.com and cmbegay@gmail.com.

We're going to have an Amazing Powwow this year and we are glad that you are joining us. Thank you sincerely from NASA. :)
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