Edmonds Museum History Gather: COVID-19
Be a part of the historical record! The Edmonds Historical Museum would like to hear from you about your experience during these times. The information we gather here will only be used to enhance the historical record for future generations.

By submitting this form, you give the Edmonds Historical Museum permission to use the submitted material online and in the public museum setting for the following purposes:
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Overall, I feel ________ about the COVID-19 pandemic right now. *
Are you currently working? *
I am complying with self-quarantine recommendations. *
Right now, what activities do you spend your time doing? *
Right now, how are you communicating with colleagues, friends, and family? *
Certain places have become more important to me. *
If you responded yes to the previous question, which places have become more important to you?
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If the Museum were to do an exhibit in the future, what main topic(s) do you think should be covered?
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What artifacts do you think the Museum should try to collect to tell the COVID-19 story?
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How do you think the COVID-19 pandemic will affect our communities in South-Snohomish County in the future?
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What is your story? Even if it's just a couple of lines, tell us your experience! Preserving any and all stories for the future will make a huge difference in the historic record. If possible, please include your name.
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