Full Legalization Legislator Survey
The Minnesota Campaign for Full Legalization is organizing voters in every state legislative district to advocate for an end to 'Marijuana' prohibition. Most Minnesotans know that prohibiting cannabis is senseless and failed public policy. Most Minnesotans now support fully legalizing cannabis because they know the plant heals while prohibition destroys lives. More than 500,000 adult personal use cannabis consumers in Minnesota live in fear of being criminalized for consuming this natural healing plant that has never killed anyone. The most dangerous thing about cannabis is getting caught with it by police. Cannabis is not a dangerous 'Gateway Drug,' but prohibition is a gateway to disenfranchisement, a structurally racist one at that. You do not have to be pro-cannabis to oppose its prohibition. If you value personal freedom, public safety, public health, and economic development then we need you to become a full legalization champion.

Please answer our full Legislator Survey to help us identify where you stand on the issue of fully legalizing the adult use of cannabis in Minnesota.

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Do you support the statewide legalization of cannabis possession and personal use for adult Minnesotans? *
If so, do you support the establishment of a fully legalized, regulated, and taxed adult personal use cannabis industry in Minnesota? *
Do you support establishing home-growing rights for adult personal use in Minnesota? *
When cannabis is fully legalized in Minnesota, would you support the retroactive dismissal or reduction of sentences, and the expungement of nonviolent "marijuana" convictions from criminal records? *
Would you support the passage of a constitutional amendment act that would allow the citizens of Minnesota to decide on whether or not to fully legalize adult personal use of cannabis? *
Are you aware that enforcement of existing "marijuana" prohibition laws has had a disproportionate effect on communities of color in Minnesota? *
Do you support the creation of an equitable legal cannabis industry in Minnesota designed to create economic development opportunities for low to moderate income entrepreneurs in communities that have been disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition? *
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