Lakes of Fire 2017 - Registration for Minors
This form serves as your registration vehicle for registering our young Burners for this year's Lakes of Fire. All participants under the age of 18 should be registered through this form to help Lakes of Fire and GLEA monitor our population. Important notes from our Survival Guide:

*** IMPORTANT - Minors 12 years old and under are welcome to join Lakes of Fire free of charge. Participants 13+ must pay the full ticket price.

-- Lakes of Fire is a family event that welcomes participants of all ages. People under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a 21+ parent or guardian, both at entry, and at all times during the event.

-- You are responsible for the welfare of minors in your care. You should know where your children are and be aware that A FEW activities are adult–specific. At the very least, non–sexual nudity will happen, and it's your responsibility to determine how much of it your minors are exposed to. Lakes of Fire has a special kid–friendly zone for families with younger humans.

-- Failing to adequately supervise minors in your care is your fastest ticket out of Lakes of Fire, as you will be immediately ejected without exception or recourse.

Name of Parent/Guardian *
Please list the first and last name of the parent/guardian who is has a ticket to this year's Lakes of Fire (LOF) and will accompany these children throughout the event. This names must match the government issued, photo ID presented at Gate with the child.
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Parent/Guardian Email Address *
This email should match the email address that you registered your LOF account under.
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Parent/Guardian Registration ID Number *
This is the number listed on the main page of your LOF account.
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Child #1 - Full Name
Please list the child's full legal name.
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Child #1 - Date of Birth
Please list this child's date of birth.
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Child #2 - Full Name
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Child #2 - Date of Birth
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Child #3 - Full Name
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Child #3 -Date of Birth
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If you have more than 3 children to register, please fill this form out again.
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