Parking Permit Application
FSU/TCC Wesley Parking Application Spring 2017

Price for rest of semester: $75

● Unfortunately, due to limited spots and high demand, parking will be offered to active members of the FSU/TCC Wesley Foundation as first priority. If spaces are available, others beyond the Wesley community are welcome to apply.
● You must be a sophomore or older or a freshman living off-­campus to purchase a decal. If there are enough spots available they will then be offered to freshman living on­-campus.

(Please initial next to the following conditions to show that you have read and understand them)
● Filling out this application does not guarantee you will receive a parking decal at Wesley. The permits will be given on a first come, first serve basis.
● The purchase of a decal entitles you to one single parking spot that correlates with the number on your decal.
● You will receive two decals. You can share the decal, but you are still only entitled to one parking spot.
● During home football game weekends please move your vehicles out of the parking lot by Friday night at 9:00pm. Parking spots will be sold to the public for fundraising by Student Led Ministries at Wesley.
● Parking will only be enforced from 8am­ to 5pm Monday­ to Friday. Outside of these times we cannot guarantee your spot will be open.
● If someone has parked in your spot during enforced hours, please park in any of the
gravel spots by the apartments and let Pam Webb, Geroge Carr, or anyone on office staff know.
● Please make all checks payable to the Wesley Foundation.

Selection Process
● All qualifying applicants will be put into a pool to receive a decal. If there are fewer applicants than spots, everyone will receive a decal. In addition, freshman living on­-campus will then be able to purchase a decal.
● If there are more applicants than spots, then a lottery will take place. If you do not receive a decal then you cannot park at Wesley.
● Once the selection process takes place you will be notified by the Wesley office and asked to pay within two weeks.

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