The Simple Revolution Solution Interest Form
The Simple Revolution Solution is a unique hybrid program that involves quality, vetted online and offline curriculum, highly trained instructors, and live lessons and instruction.

Home educators work with Education Revolution through this flexible, distinct program to meet students where the are, and help them grow towards their fullest potential.

We form a small, close-knit, community at Education Revolution. Since so much time and resources are put into any student that joins the Simple Revolution Solution, and because we know that it is a commitment of trust on the part of the families, we want to make sure it is the right fit for both the families and the Simple Revolution Solution.

If you are interested to see if this program can help you have the homeschooling experience you want, and that your student deserves, please fill out the form below. If you might be a good fit, we will reach out and invite you to a private conversation with the head instructor to answer questions and discuss enrollment.
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Is there someone in your family who will be primarily in charge of guiding your student's homeschooling this year?
Does your student have a disability that requires additional assistance or modification of lessons or materials? (NOTE: the answer to this question will not exclude a student from participating--it is to help us plan to meet the needs of all students)
Does your student have access to a device at home that can access the internet? Or, if accepted, can they obtain one?
This program is flexible and unique. That means that to gauge if the program is working for your student, time must be allotted for growth. Therefore, if accepted your students are asked to make a 3-month commitment to the program.
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