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i believe that if the library wants to enciurage kids to learn about
history, the library should use historical books. i think this because,
first of all, it is a library. Librarys encourage kids to read, so to make
sense they should choose to use books. one of the whole purposes
of librarys, are to inspire, and show kids new books that they would
not typically read. for example, take historlcal books, there are many
different stories that can show children, and even adults, interesting
facts, and all about different things A lot of the time people judge
books by there cover. When librarys encourage more people to read
historical books (even if they do not look interesting.), they will be
open to more different types of books. Another reason that the library
should use historical books as a resourse, Is these days people
aren’t very much into reading. And instead, over a book they choose
to watch television, or movies. If the library chooses books instead,
that will help more children, and adults, be excited to read. Then
the hopefully more people will choose reading over movies. History
can be really interesting, ands in books they make history accurate.
In movies, a lot of the time, they stretch the truth. Instead of what a
person really needs. The truth. Another reason Is that a genre you
can read is, historical fiction. Historical fiction is when some of the
characters are not real, but the plot is real. Reading is the type of
thing, that children shouldn’t think of as rest a chore. Reading takes a
pesons imagination to whole different levels.
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