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All property valuation comparables and notifications will be delivered via electronic mail (email).

Note: If you have already protested your appraisal for 2018 and agreed to an amount or if you have protested and rejected the amount from the county and scheduled a hearing, we may not be able to assist you.

I understand this is a FREE property value consultation provided by the Jason Pardue Group to help determine if my property is eligible for a tax value reduction. I am NOT authorizing the Jason Pardue Group access to my county tax account and will be submitting my appraisal protest to the county on my own. Upon agreeing to the terms, I am simply providing information to further assist in the appraisal protest process.

The Jason Pardue Group is licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission and operates under the broker, Keller Williams Rockwall. the Jason Pardue Group is not acting as a representative of the property owner, the Jason Pardue Group is simply assisting me, free of charge.

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