2017 WHSAA Volleyball Coaches Rules Exam
NOTE: Team S = serving team; Team R = receiving team.
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1. When a player receives a yellow card for conduct, the head coach must: *
2. Uniform bottoms must be of like color, but may be of multiple styles, including: *
3. A team is allowed a maximum of 18 substitutions per _____, which does not include any libero replacements. *
4. The libero may be replaced by: *
5. At the moment of contact of the ball for serve, the right front on the receiving team is standing on the right sideline but not across. The ruling is the player is: *
6. At the moment of the serve, _____, shall be in the correct serving order. *
7. The player and substitute shall remain in the substitution zone until the _____. *
8. The scorer shall record in the Comments section of the scoresheet: *
9. When the second referee provides assistance to the first referee on plays that may be out of the view of the first referee, such assistance is provided with a: *
10. On a re-serve, after the first referee's signal for service, no requests except for _____ may be recognized. *
11. The first server of the receiving team is in the _____ when the set begins. *
12. Unnecessary delay occurs when: *
13. When used, a libero: *
14. During a dead ball, the playing captain may request the following for his/her opponent: *
15. If using an intermission, it shall occur between the second and third sets and shall be no longer than: *
16. During the set, each line judge shall assist the referees by: *
17. CF, LF and LB are very close to each other at the net, and all three are reaching higher than the top of the net. The ball is attacked by Team S and contacts LF's hands. Which of the following statements is true? *
18. The automated horn on the scoreboard buzzes in the middle of a rally. How should the referees handle this situation? *
19. On the second hit, it is illegal for the setter on Team S to contact the ball: *
20. After the first referee's signal to serve, a re-serve occurs on all these attempts except when the server: *
21. Legal- or illegal-server: No. 5 recognizes that he/she is the improper server and tosses and catches the ball to force a re-serve. Before the five seconds for the re-serve have elapsed, the proper server takes No. 5's place and makes a legal serve. *
22. It is illegal for a teammate to leave the team bench to warm up with a ball. *
23. A player on Team S uses profanity directed toward the line judge. The first referee disqualifies the player for unsporting conduct. A player may be removed from the vicinity of the team bench. *
24. It is illegal for a player to: *
25. The libero can serve for: *
26. If a back-row setter jousts with a middle blocker as the ball is completely above the height of the net: *
27. The responsibility to control the crowd belongs to: *
28. The play is illegal when a player on Team R receives: *
29. What defines a back-row attack? *
30. Unnecessary delay is called when a libero enters the court outside the libero replacement zone. *
31. It is legal for the following individual(s) to request a time-out. *
32. The team is charged with a substitution when a lineup is submitted and lists a starting number that no team member is wearing for that team.31. It is legal for the following individual(s) to request a time-out. *
33. Substitute(s) shall enter the set at the end of the time-out after both teams have returned to the court following normal exchange procedures. *
34. The time period between sets of a match shall be no more than three minutes, unless an intermission is used. *
35. A ball may be attacked, excluding a served ball, when it has partially crossed the net. *
36. The same player number is listed more than once in the starting lineup. The team must make one legal substitution to ensure six unique, legal numbers are worn by players to begin the set. *
37. The penalty for an unnecessary delay is: *
38. For repeated unnecessary delay violations in multiple sets, unsporting conduct may be issued by the first referee. *
39. The signal for an unnecessary delay is arm on side of offending team bent across chest, hand below chin, place palm of opposite hand, while holding card, against wrist. Then extend bent arm toward floor on offending team's side and drop other arm to side. *
40. Upon entering the facility, the home team selects its team bench. *
41. The volleyball shall be spherical with a laceless molded cover of 12 or more basic rectangular-shaped panels, of genuine or simulated: *
42. The following equipment/accessories are permitted: *
43. The libero and/or his/her teammates shall wear a solid-colored uniform top. If both uniform tops are solid, they must be contrasting colors. *
44. Prematch duties for the first referee shall include: *
45. The written lineup shall not be changed except between sets of a match (no later than one minute remaining in the timed interval or intermission when used), or for a legal substitution prior to the start of the set, or to replace a starting player who is injured/ill prior to the start of the set. *
46. After the first referee's signal to serve, a re-serve occurs when the server: *
47. The first referee may utilize a team's video recording device to review a decision when requested to do so by the head coach. *
48. A back-row player (on or in front of the attack line) may contact the ball completely above the height of the net and complete an attack. *
49. It is a net fault when: *
50. The only time a player can substitute into the set is when a head coach signals for a substitution. *
51. A substitution is legal when: *
52. If using an intermission in a match that is the best three-of-five sets, it shall: *
53. For a team requesting a time-out in a set after it has taken its allotted time-outs, unnecessary delay shall be charged. *
54. The numbers on the uniform top shall be: *
55. Substitution(s) during a time-out shall take place at the end of the time-out when both teams are on the court and the second referee: *
56. The out-of-bounds/antenna violation signal occurs when: *
57. The first referee shall signal at the completion of each charged time-out how many time-outs each team has used. *
58. The official scorer shall: *
59. When a team plays with fewer than six players due to illness, injury or disqualification, a loss of rally/point shall be awarded to the opponent each time a vacant position rotates to serve in the right back position. *
60. A potential screen exists, but is not limited to: *
61. During the set, the libero tracker shall: *
62. Any cards issued for unsporting conduct prior to the first set or between sets shall be administered at the beginning of the set immediately following the violation. *
63. Unsporting conduct forfeit results when: *
64. An attack line shall be drawn across each playing area from sideline to sideline and shall be: *
65. One of the second referee’s specific responsibilities is to whistle a warning at 45 seconds and instruct the timer to sound the audio signal at 60 seconds to end the time-out. *
66. Once a replay is signaled by the first referee, the following requests may still be recognized: *
67. The visiting team shall call both the pre-match coin toss and the deciding set coin toss, if necessary. *
68. The winner of the pre-match coin toss has the option on which side of the court its team will start set No. 1. *
69. A match shall be forfeited when there is a power failure or when other unforeseen circumstances occur. *
70. Players shall not wear body paint or glitter on their face, hair, uniform or body. *
71. All teammates, with the exception of the libero, shall wear: *
72. The sleeves of the solid-colored uniform top shall be the same color as the body of the uniform top. *
73. Each player, including the libero, shall be identified by a number that is: *
74. If a visible number is worn on the uniform bottom it does not have to match the number on the uniform top. *
75. The first referee and second referee: *
76. Which of the following is correct concerning the second referee? The second referee must have: *
77. The first referee has the responsibility to: *
78. The second referee has the responsibility to: *
79. The second referee has the responsibility to determine, and then notify the first referee of unsporting conduct violations by players, coaches or other team personnel. *
80. Which of the following is not a responsibility of the second referee? *
81. A line judge shall: *
82. At the moment of the contact of the serve, the center front may have a foot on but not over the center line. *
83. The server shall: *
84. A tossed ball that contacts a backboard or its supports hanging in a vertical position over the serving area is a service fault and not eligible for a re-serve. *
85. For a deciding set, the first serve is determined by: *
86. The following applies to court protocol of electronic devices during the match: *
87. A “joust” is not a fault, and play continues as if the contact was instantaneous. *
88. All of the following are accurate in relation to net play except: *
89. For a simultaneous fault during a live-ball play, only one penalty is assessed. *
90. A ball remains playable when it touches a non-team member who is not interfering with a player’s legitimate effort to play the ball. *
91. Unnecessary delay is charged to the offending team when a: *
92. A time-out will last for a maximum of 60 seconds, unless both teams are ready to play prior to the 60 seconds expiring. *
93. The head coach may stand only in the libero replacement zone to coach his/her players. During play, the coach shall be no closer to the court than 6 feet from the sideline. *
94. Unsporting conduct shall be charged to a player for: *
95. A fault whistled by the second referee will be indicated by blowing the whistle, showing the nature of the fault and then indicating the player committing the net fault, if necessary, by use of hand signals to indicate player's number. After the first referee awards the point and serve to the opponent, the second referee will mimic the point, Signal No. 18. *
96. A player may cross the extension of the center line outside the court at any time provided he/she does not interfere with play by the opposing team. *
97. A double hit occurs when a player's successive or multiple contacts are illegal. *
98. The following action(s) result in an unnecessary delay. *
99. Substitution requests are permitted: *
100. When a loss of rally occurs, the team preparing to serve rotates counterclockwise one position. *
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