Registration 'Innovating in a resistant world: Remapping the policy landscape'
We are happy to welcome Richard Hawkins - PhD, Professor, University of Calgary, Canada & Editor of the Handbook on Innovation and Standards - for an exciting debate on 'Innovating in a resistant world: Remapping the policy landscape'.

For several decades, industrial policy in the OECD countries has had a dual focus. On the one hand, governments promote disruption and change through innovation as defined almost exclusively in terms of the development of new technology. This is predicated on a real but often simplistically understood relationship between technological change and economic growth. On the other hand, the same governments continue to pour massive resources into perpetuating stasis – preserving exiting industrial, economic and social paradigms, or even resurrecting obsolete ones. Such efforts become exaggerated in current populist sentiments to the effect that the benefits of change have not been distributed fairly. The two camps come into obvious conflict where pressures for paradigmatic change emerge – as seen for example concerning alternative energy, transport and logistics or urban renewal. Too often, however, change and stability are seen to be opposed, even irreconcilable forces. But this ignores the historical dynamics of how innovation and change create prosperity. Ultimately, the economics of innovation are long run, stemming from economy-wide processes of adoption, adaptation and adjustment over time. Based on a conceptual model of essential interactions between these two forces in practice, this seminar will reflect on how the relationship between innovation and stability could be leveraged more effectively in economic, industrial and social policy.  

Join us for an exciting debate on 'Innovating in a resistant world: Remapping the policy landscape'.


12h00 Registration & Sandwich lunch
12h30 Short introduction by Professor Ballon (director SMIT - imec - VUB) & Lecture Richard Hawkins
13h30 Q&A
14h00 End lecture

Location: QHHQ-floor (1st floor), Pleinlaan 9, 1050 Brussels

The event is free, but registration is required.

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