2023 McMedHacks Summer School Registration
EngerLab from the Medical Physics Unit (MPU) at McGill University is thrilled to announce the third edition of McMedHacks!

From June 10th – August 5th, 2023, the McMedHacks eight-week summer school will be hosting a series of weekly coding workshops and seminar series in foundational and state-of-the-art (SOTA) machine learning (ML) techniques in healthcare (including applications in medical image analysis and natural language processing).  

New to this year's edition, we are introducing self-paced online learning modules to be completed during the week with guidance of our mentors, and live seminars and hands-on coding workshops on the weekends. Depending on levels of individual participation, two levels of certificates will be provided. The first phase includes the fundamentals of ML application to medical images, and in the second phase we will deep dive into SOTA methodologies of our field. 

For program structure details and timelines, please visit our website: www.mcmedhacks.com

Similar to previous years, leading researchers in the fields of medical image analysis and deep learning will present their cutting edge research to inspire and motivate students for the complimentary workshops throughout the series.

Our interactive workshops will be instructed by experts with research experiences in deep learning and medical image analysis from academia and industry. Each workshop will consist of:

1. a classroom-style introduction to a new image analysis method and imaging modality.
2. an interactive demonstration of the newly learned skills.

The summer school will be held entirely online, recorded, and made available to registered participants. Anyone from anywhere can join . All code demonstrations will be performed in Google Colab, which will allow anyone with internet access to perform complex computations on their machines regardless of hardware specifications.

The collected registration fees will be used to provide support to graduate students who specialize in developing artificial intelligence for medical applications.

  1. Participants from low-middle-income countries: $0
  2. Undergraduate/graduate students under training: $0
  3. Professional in training (postdoc/resident): $150.
  4. Working professionals: $ 350.

In this form, once your professional status has been identified (one of the four options above), you will be prompted to get a ticket from Eventbrite. Please remember to come back here and submit this Google Form as well. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!   

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