Survey of Media Production in Museums
Hello from the Media Production and Branding SIG and the Data and Insights SIG of MCN!
(Anna, Luis, Trilce, and Elena, Emily)

Please fill out this form about your work or ask a colleague in the media production area to, also share with other institutions/independent producers. We will share what we learn with the MCN community, and even more exciting, the results of this information will guide us in developing metrics and evaluation tools for the our community.

How many people work at your museum?
1. What types of video does your museum capture for archival purposes?
Your answer
2. What types of video does your museum produce for public distribution?
What departments are your stakeholders in video productions
For the general production that is not beholden to a particular department select "museum content"
4. Approximately how many documentation videos (lectures, performances, etc.) does your museum produce per year?
Frequency you are capturing the programs that happen at your museum
5. Approximately how many fully produced videos does your museum create per year?
These are the edited productions made across departments and needs, but are typically far more considered and involve rounds of review to create a high-quality piece featured in-gallery or on an exhibition page.
6. Approximately how many hours does it take to produce your average fully edited video?
What is your approximate annual budget
Video production budget, without salaries
7. When you shoot documentation video, how often do you use multiple cameras and edit the video?
8. Do you livestream events?
9. What production positions exist at your institution?
Please check all that apply. If one person plays multiple roles please select position which best applies.
10. How do you currently distribute video?
Please check all that apply.
12. When you have a new video to upload...
Your platforms of choice.
13. What tools do you use to evaluate your videos performance?
You're safe here. We are all trying to figure it out
14. What metrics do you report to your team and senior management?
You're safe here. We are all trying to figure it out
15. What are your challenges when evaluating video content?
(Select max 3)
16. How often do you set a reach goal for a particular audience
17. What is the typical reach of a video your institution defines as successful?
Average view duration in minutes across platforms
please type a number in minutes, e.g. 1.5
Your answer
Playback location (device) by percentage
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Archive Management: How do you store video
How do you backup your video?
Do you log footage?
Do you use your video archive as a resource in current productions?
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Contact Information
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