Nominees must be dues paying members of their local Hilton Central School Employee Association [HCSEA] for at least five years (including nomination year). Applicants will be judged on performance of duties, handling of an unusual assignment, and how he/she improves the "image" of the school related professional. Recipients will receive an "Outstanding Employee Award" certificate to recognize their achievements. Out of those chosen, a single member will have the honor of becoming the "School Related Professional of the Year". The person will have their name on a plaque with the year they were chosen. Final judging will by done by the HCSEA Selection Committee.
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Nominees should:
* Display exceptional skill and dedication on the job
* Promote learning
* Create positive relationships with parents, students, co-workers, and community members
* Make schools safer, healthier, and more attractive.
* Possess good interpersonal skills, and have the respect and admiration of students and co-workers
* Exemplify leadership through active participation in school activities
* Extend themselves beyond the basic required duties by displaying initiative, creativity, and overall contribution to the school system
Please consider these criteria when nominating a School Related Professional and in detail and in your own words please tell the Nominating Committee why this person should receive this award.
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