Before That Night Poll
Hey reader!
Before That Night was originally supposed to be just a little side project I was working on to keep my creative juices flowing while I finished writing Mister Billions.
But as I wrote it, an entire series unfolded in my mind. Now, I've got dazzling characters and juicy plots dancing around in my brain.
Before I dive into it, I wanna you actually want a series?
Meaning, based on the cliffhanger version of the novella, Sera and Rocky go to Vegas for their shot-gun wedding but EVERYTHING goes wrong for them and their friends. (Sera still ends up with Jace but it's much much much spicier ;)...
Or, are you good with the way things ended up in the novella?
Let me know!! Thank you so much for reading and for answering this poll.
Cassie xoxo
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Before That Night
Do you want Before that Night to continue into series (revolving around Sera and Jace's friends and their wild shenanigans)?
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