WSC COVID-19 Return to Water Self Declaration
The purpose of this document is to ensure everyone has considered the relevant risks and the required protocols and behaviours required to return to the water as safely as possible, and to confirm adherence to same
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Swimmer Name *
Member Category *
I have reviewed the relevant protocols issued by Wicklow Swimming Club & Swim Ireland and agree to comply with them. (available on our webpage) *
I acknowledge the risk of COVID-19 and I am returning to club activities at my own risk. *
I acknowledge that I play a vital role in minimising the spread of COVID-19, over and above the measures implemented by Wicklow Swimming Club & Swim Ireland. *
I agree to adhere to all Wicklow Swimming Club & Swim Ireland COVID-19 measures and agree to abide by any directions given by all club officers/ officials while participating in club events specific to COVID-19 health and safety measures. *
I acknowledge that any measures are subject to change at short notice, where circumstances merit. *
I agree to any changes in the terms and rules of my club membership where necessitated by COVID-19 requirements, including disciplinary measures where there is non-compliance with health and safety measures and/or directions from club officers? *
I agree to complete the COVID-19 Self Report Screening Form before each club activity I attend. *
I consent to my personal data being collected and held for a period of 30 days by my club for the purposes of contact tracing, in line with Swim Ireland’s GDPR guidelines *
Please Note
If the answer to any of the above is NO, please notify your Lead COVID-19 Officer, Ruth by phone.
You should not attend any club activities.
Signature (Parent/Guardian if under 18) *
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