I would like to collaborate!
We're getting many requests for sponsoring, free samples, testing, etc.
Please, help us decide whether we will support your request by filling this form.
There's no need for long answers; we just want to know who you are, what you've done (how skilled you are), and what do you have in mind.

Please, be specific, what project do you have in ming and what you will need for that from our side.
Please, no figures under copyrights (movies, tv-series, games etc) or anything under copyright non commercial use. Also printing basics are many times already done. Own ideas, innovations and originality is preferred.

We are not sending free samples.
15m samples can be found here: https://fillamentum.com/collections/samples-15-m

Thank you.
We're looking forward to see your idea!

We'll respond to all of your requests ASAP with positive or negative feedback.

Fillamentum team
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