Title IX Alert Form
This form should be utilized to provide RCBC with information regarding an campus related that violates Title IX, including, but not limited to, concerns regarding gender based discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault.

This is a non-confidential alert process and any submissions made through this form will initiate an informal review within the Title IX office.  Details regarding reporting, investigations, and hearings are provided on the Title IX website available at rcbc.edu/titleIX and rcbc.edu/conduct.

In accordance with current Title IX federal regulations, this informal review may result in a formal complaint that starts an investigation. Once a formal complaint is started by a student or employee, communication will be sent to both the reporting student (complainant) and the student or employee (respondent) who is involved in the incident. Suportive measures will also be made available to individuals involved in the matter.

As detailed in the procedures, the college will support all efforts to maintain privacy regarding incidents reported through this form, but this form is not considered confidential reporting.  If you prefer confidential reporting, please see one of the options below:

-- Students can schedule online with the Student Support Counselor at http://www.rcbc.edu/counseling/request-form or contact 856.222.931, ext 1582. Off campus confidential reporting options are available at rcbc.edu/need-help-now or rcbc.edu/titleIX. Please do not submit requests for Confidential Reporting through this form. If you need assistance with next steps, please contact the Student Support Office.

-- Employees can request Carebridge resources through Human Resources for Confidential Reporting. Additional off campus confidential reporting options are available in the online procedures. Please do not submit requests for Confidential Reporting through this form. If you need confidential assistance, please contact Human Resources for direct contact information for Carebridge.

Unless there is a physical threat to the campus community, investigations are not initiated on confidential reports through these stated resources unless the victim requests action.  

A copy of this alert will be sent to

Catherine R. Briggs, Ed.D.
Dean of Student Success / Title IX Coordinator

Please provide detailed information regarding the incident you are reporting.
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Do you have supporting documentation for this reported incident in the form of photographs, text messages, emails, social media communication or other documentation? If you answer "yes" to this question, you will be contacted by the Title IX office for submission of any related items. *
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