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Facility Name: SMART BOX Phone #: 1-877-627-8269 The facility listed above and/or any individual or company acting as an agent for the facility – Auction Results LLC (Storage Auctioneers) –(herein after referred to as “facility”) reserves the right to cancel any sale/auction (“sale”) for any reason. 1. The facility reserves the right to reject bids for any reason (i.e.: unregistered bidders, bidders disrupting the sale, bidders who have violated any agreement in the past, bidders who are colluding with one another (pooling), etc.). 2. Bidder acknowledges that he/she is bidding on the complete contents of the unit. The complete contents are sold “as is, where is” with no guarantees or warranties. Bidders are not permitted into the unit or to touch items in the unit. 3. Bidder acknowledges that he/she must remove all goods from the unit and sweep it clean within forty-eight hours of the sale or the goods will become the property of the facility. If additional time is needed, he/she must sign a lease agreement with the facility for the said unit and pay rent for the remainder of the current month. 4. Bidder acknowledges that a $50 cleaning deposit will be collected by the facility for each unit purchased. The deposit will be returned to the buyer if all terms of this contract are met. Buyers are not permitted to use the facility’s dumpster. 5. Bidder acknowledges that once he/she has been awarded the unit, he/she must pay for the unit in cash and that all sales are final. The amount owed will be the amount he/she bid in addition to the buyer’s premium of 10% and NJ Sales Tax of 7%. All payments are due immediately after the sale, therefore bidders must have the cash with them when they bid. The facility shall furnish the buyer with a receipt upon payment. 6. Bidders are responsible for locking the unit once he/she has been awarded the unit and for removing the lock once the unit is emptied. 7. Bidder acknowledges that he/she must immediately return all personal property and any items with personal identifiable information (papers, photos, medical records, legal documents, tax returns, bank records, year books, any documents with social security numbers, etc.) to the facility for return to the tenant. These items are not part of his/her purchase. Bidder acknowledges that in certain circumstances the facility may contact him/her to request that certain items (or the complete contents of a unit) be purchased back in order to prevent any court action with the said tenant. Bidder agrees to be reasonable in selling back those items which may still be in his/her possession at a reasonable price. 8. Bidder acknowledges that the total amount owed is subject to NJ sales tax of 7%. If a buyer is tax-exempt, the facility/auctioneer must be given the appropriate and current documentation required by state law on file in order for the sale to be tax-exempt. 9. Bidder acknowledges that foul language and inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated at the facility. The facility reserves the right to ask any bidder to leave the property if he/she does not abide by our rules and regulations or does not act in a respectful and professional manner. Bidders may also be banned from any sales conducted at this facility or any sales conducted by Auction Results LLC. 10. Bidder acknowledges that in the event of any discrepancies, either during or after the sale, (i.e.: which bidder has the winning bid, amount of the final bid, etc.), the final determination will be made by the Auctioneer conducting the sale. 11. Bidder acknowledges that no one under the age of sixteen will be permitted in the auction and must remain supervised by a parent or adult in the office. 12. Bidder acknowledges that additional rules may apply if verbally announced by the individual conducting the sale or by the facility manager. In addition, this agreement may apply for this and any future auctions conducted at the facility or by Auction Results LLC (Storage Auctioneers).
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Input a 3 digit bidder number. We will do our best to accommodate you. When you arrive day of the auction, please let the attendant know you Pre-Registered with Storage Auctioneers so we can expedite you checking in and checking out. Enjoy the auction!
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