Macomb County Friend of the Court Phone Experience Feedback
The Macomb County Friend of the Court has implemented a new phone system. The system is designed to make calls available to all our phone clerks so calls can be answered timely, inform you of your wait time, as well as provide other options not previously available. It also allows us to monitor hold times and other analytics to help us improve our service. Our intent is to improve the phone experience for our customers, not make it more difficult. Unfortunately, customers have been experiencing periodic excessive hold times, as well as other issues. We want to know about these problems so we can investigate and resolve any system, or internal problems we may have. Please use this form to let us know of any issues you had with our phone system.

**This form is not designed to complain about an experience you had with a FOC employee. Any complaints  about an employee or FOC office operations should be made on the FOC grievance form that can be found on our website, or provided at our office. Please provide the requested information below so we can investigate your complaint.
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