2019 Teaching Change Teacher Training Workshop
Once a year, the Teaching Change teams puts on a training workshop for educators. The goal is to train teachers in immersive, place-based outdoor educational opportunities which can be used to develop and institute curriculum and provide a rich bio-cultural experience for students in Hawaiʻi's natural resources and ecology. Please keep in mind that we often we receive more applications than spaces available. We appreciate your support for the program and hope to work with you!
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Are you able to participate in the entire training workshop from Thursday, January 31st, 2019 to Saturday, February 2nd, 2019?
Are you able to participate in the presentation and sharing session about the workshop in late Spring/ Early Summer? This is also an important component of the teacher trainer workshop.
Have you participated in a Teaching Change trip before?
Have you applied for a Teaching Change trip before and been turned down due to space?
Please be aware, that most of this workshop will be at the Hakalau Field Site. This location can have extreme weather conditions. Also, the site has diverse and rough terrain which we will be hiking in. Are you able to participate fully with these conditions?
Are you seeking Professional Development (PD) Credits?
If seeking PD credits, will you use them towards your portfolio?
Can you please explain why you want to be a part of this Workshop? How will you use it in your classroom?
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