Library Services Survey 2015-2016
What services would you like to use or see while in the library?
What areas in the library collection needs to be improved?
What do you want from library services?
What programming and resources would you like to use and see in the library?
Your answer
Please list the way(s) the library media program could be improved to better serve you?
Your answer
Is there are any specific books you need for yourself or your students?
If you want a book - go to Amazon and paste the URL into this survey
Your answer
What topics do you like to read?
You can always send the librarian your request materials for the library form
Your answer
Contact Information if you want a follow up
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What type of programs would you like to see in the library?
What type of after school programs would you want?
What services do you want to use in the library?
(check all that apply)?
Mark all area in which you would like to see the collection improved?
What Magazines/Newspapers would you like to see in the library?
What school do you go to or teach at? *
Do you have suggestions for improvement in the library?
Your answer
During the lunch periods on the week day what events would you like to see?
If classes are not scheduled in the library during the lunch the library will be open to all
What is your favorite book?
What book did you read last or you all the time?
Your answer
Would you want to pose with your favorite books so we can make a poster showing students reading?
What is your name and would you want to take a picture for the book to push literacy for our school?
Your answer
Do you have any suggestions for the library?
Your answer
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