2019 State Officer Selection Committee
The State FFA Officer Election process is designed to insure the delegates retain the right of choosing their own State Officer team, while at the same time: 1) Allow all candidates an equal opportunity for election, and 2) Insure an efficient and timely election process.

The FFA Board of Director’s policy establishes five selection committees to review and assess the candidates on their ability to serve as an officer of the Illinois Association FFA. In order to fill all committee positions, the service of fifteen FFA members is needed. It would be preferably to have three committee members from each of the five districts. Each chapter advisor is asked to recommend one student to serve on a selection committee.

While all chapters are encouraged to have a student serve on the committee there are a couple eligibility requirements:
1) Applications are limited to sophomore, junior or senior FFA members.
2) Students serving on an officer team with a State Officer Candidate (either chapter or section) will not be selected to serve.
3) Students that might be strongly biased to a particular candidate due to a personal relationship will not be selected.
4) A chapter may have a representative serve on the Selection Committee every 4th year. (Chapters that had a committee member in 2016, 2017 or 2018 are not eligible.)

Should a student be selected, they need to know the selection committee will meet on April 13, 2019, in Springfield, Illinois. Their attendance will be absolutely critical to the process. Their ability to travel to Springfield on that date is required. The committee members will be informed in advance of their selection and will be provided suggested driving assignments to help them avoid having to drive the entire distance to Springfield.

The State FFA Officer Selection Committee application is due March 15, 2019.

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