Let´s dance together (12-21 octubre)
This project is continuation of two projects we organized in the last twoyears, Intercultural Manners in 2017. and RESPECT in 2018. Our goal is, by
using different methods, to promote intercultural dialogue and intercultural
understanding. After working on this topic in a form of forum theatre and
through culinary art and eating habits, we decided to continue that journey by working on competences necessary for carrying out an intercultural dialogue using dancing as a tool for connecting with, researching and better understanding of other cultures. This project is meant for absolutely everyone, regardless of language skills, since the method of expression is dancing. It is something that a broad spectrum of young people can get involved with, and it is a way to get empowered through nonverbal communication.

General goal of the project:
To initiate an intercultural understanding among young people through
working on competences necessary for practicing an intercultural dialogue.
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