Summer training sign-up form
The official training is over, but fortunately, All Terrain keeps training in the summer!

The Monday and Friday training will only be available for people who are eligible to train on their own, you need to meet 2 requirements for that: 1.Have an SBN-membership. 2.Have approval from the trainers.

For the Wednesday training you will need to subscribe via this form. You need to subscribe for all the Wednesdays that you want to train. If you subscribe you are expected to show up, but cancelling is always possible. Contact a board member or mail to
As we don't know the number of AT'ers who want to show up, we're forced to make 3 preliminary timeslots. If fewer people subscribe than expected the timeslots will be changed. For now, the board wants to know what time you are available for training.
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August 5th - small survivalrun with olivia
August 12th - speed climbing with gerard
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