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Feedback Questions
To what extent would you prefer using a Wikipedia assignment over a traditional assignment (such as an essay or term paper) to achieve each of the following student learning objectives?
Writing skills
Media/Information training
Critical thinking
Online communication skills
To what extent do you agree or disagree that (Wikipedia, Wikimedia projects) can be useful as a teaching resource?
To what extent do you think the following ideas are useful?
Students should use Wikipedia to do research for their assignments.
Students should expand/contribute to existing articles on Wikipedia.
Students should contribute to other Wikimedia projects, but not Wikipedia.
Students should work on the connections of Wikipedia with other Wikimedia projects (i.e., add photos to articles, add sources to articles, link articles on pictures metadata, etc).
Students should start articles from scratch on their language version of Wikipedia.
How likely are you to tell your friends and colleagues to use Wikipedia as a learning tool in the classroom?
Could you express in one sentence what the EduWiki Campaign meant for you?
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In what ways, if any, could a similar campaign be improved? Please share one idea.
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Do you have any additional comments about your Wikipedia assignment?
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