Petition to UCL Provost regarding the victimisation of Tony Brown
Dear Professor Arthur

As you are aware, in 2017, UCL UCU Branch Secretary Mr. Tony Brown was subject to a disciplinary sanction by UCL for setting up an email list on behalf of union reps, in his capacity as a union rep carrying out trade union activities.

Despite local representations (and a letter sent to you personally by the then UCU General Secretary Sally Hunt) UCL did not withdraw the sanction, and the matter was brought before the London Employment Tribunal. In a judgement dated 12 November 2018 (Case Number: 2207156/2017*), the panel made an unequivocal and unanimous determination that a breach of s. 146 TULR(C)A 1992, the main statutory provision protecting union members against detriment and victimisation, had indeed occurred, and that ‘the main purpose of disciplining [Mr Brown] was to penalise him for taking part in trade union activities’.

This is the first time that UCL has been found to be in breach of a fundamental human right in a court of law. Trade union freedom is protected both by s. 146 TULR(C)A 1992 and, as the judgement makes clear, by Article 11 of the European Convention of Human Rights, as well as by several other regional and international fundamental rights instruments.

Mr. Brown has been informed that UCL has decided to Appeal the Tribunal decision.

We believe that such a step is neither in the interest of UCL as a whole, nor will it assist in fostering the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation that is essential to good and constructive workplace relations, and ultimately to the resolution of this particular dispute.

We therefore request that UCL:

1) Withdraws the appeal and engage in constructive discussions to resolve the dispute.

2) Recognises the fact that Mr. Brown has been victimised for performing lawful and protected trade union activities, and agrees that the unlawful disciplinary sanction he was subject to be erased from his record.

3) Issues a written apology to Mr. Brown, and to take actions to ensure that victimisation has no place at UCL.

4) Offers further assurances that representatives of UCL UCU and other trade unions are able to communicate freely with both members and non-members, including via email, for the purposes of furthering protected trade union activities, as recognised by the judgement, and by UK and European human rights legislation.

5) Meets with representatives of campus unions to discuss resolving workplace disputes by less confrontational means, in a spirit of cooperation, in full respect of labour, trade union, and human rights, and consider whether lessons can be learned from this event.


Initial signatories

Sean Wallis, President, UCL UCU, UCU NEC member
Saladin Meckled-Garcia, Vice President UCL UCU
Jacqui Sheehan, Branch Secretary & Disabilities Officer, UCL UNISON
Nita Sanghera, UCU Vice President; Bournville College UCU
Vicky Blake, UCU Vice President-elect; President, University of Leeds UCU
Jo McNeill, President, University of Liverpool UCU, UCU NEC member
Jo Grady, University of Sheffield UCU
Ann Bates OBE (retired)

Jim Tyson, ISD UCU rep, UCL UCU
Philip Riebold, ISD UCU rep, UCL UCU
Colin Byelong, ISD UCU rep, UCL UCU
Ilektra Christidi, ISD UCU rep, UCL UCU

John Hendy QC, Hon. Professor, UCL
Prof Keith Ewing , Professor of Public Law
Majella Lane, UCL UCU committee, School of Pharmacy
Prof. Nicola Countouris, UCL UCU committee, Laws
Jane Coles, UCL UCU committee, Institute of Education (IoE)
Charlie Owen, UCL UCU committee, IoE
John Yandell, UCL UCU committee, IoE
Bella Vivat, UCL UCU committee, Psychiatry
Alun R. Coker, H&S senior rep, UCL UCU committee, Medicine
Eve McLoughlin, UCL UCU committee, Medicine
Josh Hollands, PGTA rep, UCL UCU committee, Inst. Americas
Sonja Curtis, UCL UCU committee, Bartlett
Christine Callender, UCL UCU committee, IoE
Prof. Christine Callender, UCL UCU committee, IoE
Theodora Bryer, UCL UCU committee, IoE
Ruth Dar, Treasurer, UCL UCU (retired)
Judith Suissa, UCL UCU committee, IoE
Martin Fry, UCL UCU committee, Medical Physics
Richard Pettinger, UCL UCU committee
Sheila Curtis, UCL UCU committee, IoE
Holly Smith, UCL UCU committee, IoE
Adam Unwin, UCL UCU committee, IoE
Mark Newman, UCL UCU committee, IoE
Prof. Alice Sullivan, UCL UCU Committee, IoE
Christine Callender, UCL UCU committee, IoE
Dr N. Vittal, Equalities officer, UCL UCU committee
John Potter, UCL UCU Committee, IoE

Prof Jason Dittmer, Professor of Political Geography, UCL
Ben Waugh, UCL
Elisa Cuevas, UCU member, UCL
Neil Curson, Associate Lecturer, UCL
Lily Kahn, UCL
Hans van de Koot, Reader in Linguistics, UCL
Morgan Golf-French, PhD Candidate, UCL
Bettina Friedrich, Research Associate, UCL
Andrew Gardner, Senior Lecturer, UCL
Pamela Fennell, Research Associate, UCL
Prof K V Petrides, UCL
Dr Peter JS Jones, Reader, Department of Geography, UCL
Pavlina Pyari, UCL
Pat Tookey, Honorary Associate Professor, UCL
Andrew Griffiths, Research Fellow, UCL
Tor Wright, UCU member, UCL
Tony Brookes, Teaching Fellow, UCL
Elias Skourletos, UCL
Evgeniia Drozdova , UCL
Michael Walls, Associate Professor, UCL
Prof Peter Mullany, UCL
Aislinn, Research Associate, UCL
Prof Chris McManus, Professor of Psychology and Medical Education, UCL
John Greenwood, Associate Professor, UCL
Mark Iline, Dept IT Mgr, UCL
Danielle Lamb, UCU rep, Division of Psychiatry, UCL
Prof Paul Taylor, UCL
Verity Bell, Teaching Fellow, Laws, UCL
Brian Alston, UCL
Prof Mark Freedland, Honorary Professor, UCL
Conor Crummey, Teaching Fellow, UCL
Maria Sibiryakova, UCU member, UCL
Michael Niblock, Post-doctoral Researcher, King's College London
Prof Andrew Martin, Professor of Bioinformatcs and Computational Biology, SMB, UCL
Stephen Ford, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Thomas Callan-Riley, UCL UCU Rep Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Bill Sillar, Senior Lecturer, UCL
Jackie Thomas, UCU member, UCL
Rebecca O'Connell, Reader in the Sociology of Food and Families, UCL
Mark Hardman, Associate Professor, UCL
Prof Ruth Dukes, Professor of Labour Law and UCU member, University of Glasgow
Rodolfo Hermans, UCU Rep, EEE, Postdoctoral Research Associate, UCL
Tim Colbourn, Associate Professor of Global Health Epidemiology and Evaluation, UCL
Darius Jackson, Lecturer, UCL
Mike Witcombe, UCL
Andrew Phillips, UCL
Abigail Knight, Lecturer, UCL
Prof Bas Aarts, Professor of English Linguistics, UCL
John Gray, UCU member, UCL
Antonios Tzanakopoulos, Associate Professor of Public International Law, University of Oxford
Tamjid Mujtaba, Senior Research Fellow, UCL
Rachel Rees, Principal Teaching Fellow, UCL
John Porter, UCL
Bernadett Kalmar, Senior Research Fellow, UCL
Prof Jessica Ringrose, Professor, UCL
Dr Geoff Williams, Teaching Fellow, UCL
Polly Glegg, Lecturer, UCL
Daniel Guillery, Teaching Fellow, Philosophy and EISPS, UCL
Prof Julia Brannen, UCL
Anastasis Georgoulas, Research Software Developer, UCL
Prof Barbara Penner, UCL
Trefor Aspden, Senior Research Associate, UCL
Rosie Harman, UCL
Michael Dean, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Prof Priscilla Alderson, UCL
Valentina Cambiano, Lecturer, UCL
John Connolly, UCL
Paula Ambrossi, Lecturer, UCL
Corinna Riva, Associate Professor, UCL
Prof Harry T. Dimitriou, UCL
Joshua Russell-Buckland, Research Assistant, UCL
Michelle Cannon, Lecturer, UCL
Jonathan Dore, UCL
Jonathan Gardner, Teaching Fellow, IoA, UCL
Sam Duncan , Senior Lecturer, UCL
Dominic Pollard, PhD Candidate, UCL
Niamh Murtagh, UCL
Steve White, UCL
Prof Jeremy Tanner, UCL
Eleanor Kirk
Sue Walters, Senior Lecturer, UCL IOE
Dr Maria-Novella Mercuri-Rosta, UCU SELCS Teaching Fellows' Rep, UCL
Rebecca Wilson, UCU member, IoE, UCL
Dan Swift, Post-excavation project manager, UCL
Gregoris Ioannou, Research Fellow, University of Glasgow
Rachael Sparks, Associate Professor, UCL
Jesper Hansen, UCL
Rosie Flewitt, Reader, UCL
Matthew Cole, Teaching Fellow, University of Leeds
Noah Goldman, IWW member, University of Bristol
Sofia Christou-Savina, Honorary Senior Research Associate, UCL
Sarah Joss, UCU Membership Officer, Herriot Watt University
Dr Julie Vullnetari, University of Southampton
R.A. Blizard, Teaching Fellow, UCL
Dr Jon Morgan, Researcher
Helene Neveu Kringelbach, Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor, UCL
Dr David S. Moon, Senior Lecturer in Politics & Bath UCU Vice President, University of Bath
Prof Robert West, Professor of Health Psychology, UCL
Prof Michael J. Reiss, Professor of Science Education, UCL
Brian Blake (retired)
Steven Watson, UCU member, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge
Jim Butcher, UCU committee member,, Canterbury Christ Church
Prof Arthur Petersen, Professor of Science, Technology and Public Policy, UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Ross Fulton, UCL
Jeanette Nicholas, Assistant Head, University of Westminster
Andrew Bones, Teaching Fellow, UCL
Susan Askew, Programme leader, UCL
Hannah Middleton, PhD student, UCL
Liam Kennedy, Research Officer,
Rob Kirkwood, Assistant Secretary, East Midlands Retired Members Branch, UCU
Raquel Alegre, UCL
Prof Tonia Novitz, University of Bristol
Joe Gluza, Treasurer, UCU Eastern & Home Counties Region, University of Cambridge
Joe Morrison, Lecturer in Philosophy, Queen's University Belfast
Prof Megan Povey, UCU Rep, University of Leeds
Sara Bragg, UCL
Iain Stewart, Lecturer in Modern European History, UCL
Rose Holyoak, Lecturer in Sociology, University of Winchester
Prof Steven French, University of Leeds
Dawid Gondek, PhD Candidate, UCL
Kirsten Forkert, UCU branch chair, Birmingham City University,
Rodney Challis , UCU retired members
Marianne O'Doherty, Associate Professor in English, UCU Branch Executive Officer, University of Southampton
Keith Simpson, Vice President, City UCU, City University of London
Shirley Cupit, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Adrian Mee, UCL
Lynne Gornall, Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire
Prof Candia Morgan, Professor of Mathematics Education, UCL
Sarah Pickering, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Grace Redhead, Teaching Assistant, UCL
Prof Anthony Segal, Professor of Medicine, UCL
T D Williams, UCL
Prof John Coggon, Professor of Law, University of Bristol
Jill Daniels, Branch Secretary, University of East London
Danny Millum, Branch Secretary, UoL IWGB
Linda Cronin, Senior Lecturer & UCU Branch Equality Officer, University of Roehampton
Andy Williams, UCU Media & Communications Officer, Cardiff University
Waseem Yaqoob, UCU Branch Secretary, University of Cambridge
Prof James Steele, UCL
Nick Freemantle, Director UCL CCTU, UCL
Michael Cole, Senior Lecturer
Prof Colm O'Cinneide, Professor of Law, UCL
Sian Preece, UCL Institute of Education, UCL
Anna Caffrey, UCU rep and Senior Lecturer, University of East London and UCL graduate
Sinead Agnew, Lecturer, UCL Faculty of Laws, UCL
Dr Anne Alexander, UCU Rep, University of Cambridge
Chris Smith

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Additional signatures
James Richards, Branch VP, Heriot-Watt University
Dale Moulding, Senior Research Associate, UCL
Ben Jones, President UCU@UEA Banch, UEA
Thomas Schlichter, Dipl-Ing, UCL
Ian Sudbery, Lecturer, University of Sheffield
Robin Sen, Lecturer, University of Sheffield
Amy Ryall, UCU member, University of Sheffield
Tom Olney, UCL
Stephen Bates, Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham
Nick Clark, Research Fellow, Middlesex University
Dr Claudia Lapping, UCL
Dr Sarah Quinnell, Senior Teaching Fellow, STEaPP, UCL
Ayshea Craig, Lecturer, UCL
Dr Albert Sanchez-Graells, Reader in Economic Law, University of Bristol Law School
Garrie Powers, Member, UCL
Rhod Fiorini, UCL
Paul Hogan, ICT Coordinator, UCL
Pete Bicknell, UCU Membership Secretary, Lewisham Southwark College
Anindya Raychaudhuri, Lecturer, UCU Equalities Officer, University of St Andrews
Ken Oliphant, Head of School, University of Bristol Law School
Hitesh Dhorajiwala, Teaching Fellow, UCL Laws, UCL
Andrew Perchard, Professor, University of Wolverhampton
Dr Agnieszka Martynowicz, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Edge Hill University
James Eastwood, UCU Health and Safety Officer, Queen Mary
Marian Mayer, Senior Lecturer, Co-chair Bournemouth University UCU, Chair South Region UCU
Segun Babalola, UCL
Elizabeth Schafer, RHUL UCU, RHUL
Henry Chango Lopez, President, Independent Workers Union of Great Britain - IWGB
Prof Virginia Mantouvalou, Professor of Human Rights and Labour Law, UCL
Ms Ben Plumpton, ICU Membership Officer, University of Leeds, University of Leeds
Prof Alan Bogg, Professor of Labour Law, University of Bristol
Dr François Guesnet, Reader, University College London, UCL
Andrew Chitty, Sussex UCU
Max Dewhurst, IWGB Vice President, n/a
Prof Virginia Mantouvalou, Professor of Human Rights and Labour Law, UCL
Eleanor Chiari, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Ian Kirker, UCL
Neil McGarvey, Branch Committee member, Strathclyde University
Tim Hall, UCU Branch Chair, Senate House
Scarlett Parker, UCL
M. Farmer, UCU member, UCL
Deepa Govindarajan Driver, Co-Chair, UCU National Dispute Committee, University of Reading
David Mabb, Reader in Art, Goldsmiths
Kate Sang, Heriot Watt Branch committee member, Heriot Watt
Rachel Rosen, UCL
Prof Stuart Rosen, UCL
Paddy McDaid, Birkbeck
Rob Peutrell, Branch Secretary Nottingham College UCU
Marion Hersh, Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow
Hans van Wees, Grote Professor of Ancient History, UCL
Alexander Fedorec, Research Associate, UCL
Dr Aisling O'Beirn, , Ulster University
Steven Murdoch, Associate Professor, UCL
Ann Phoenix, UCL
Dr Liz Morrish, Visiting Fellow, York St John University
Elane Heffernan, UCU NEC
Fabienne Collignon, SL Contemporary Literature, U of Sheffield
Lesley McGorrigan, Yorkshire/Humberside Regional Secretary, University of Leeds
Dr Bill Stephenson, Honorary Senior Lecturer Department of Mathematics (Retired), UCL
Jennifer Marchant, Vice President Cambridge UCU, University of Cambridge
Annie Jones, UCU Sheffield Hallam Branch Officer, Senior Lecturer
Annie Jones, Sheffield Hallam UCU Branch Officer, Senior Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Richard Snape, Senior Lecture, DMU UCU Committee member, DMU
Prof Sacha Stern, UCL
Gillian McGrattan, Director of HR, Ms, University of Birmingham
Ioana Cerasella Chis, University of Birmingham UNISON Officer & UCU member, University of Birmingham
Rob Thomas, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University
Jason Blackstock, Associate Professor, UCL
Lucy Michael, Lecturer in Sociology, Ulster University
Dr Francisco Diego, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Rupert Higham, Lecturer in Educational Leadership, UCL
Lindsay Stirton, Professor of Public Law, University of Sussex
Dr Chathuni Jayathilaka, Lecturer in law, University of Bristol
Dr. Richard Snape, Senior Lecturer, DMU UCU Committee member, DMU
James Murphy, Associate Head: Linguistics, University of the West of England
John Nicholas, University of Oxford
Martin Findell, Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham
Tom Vickers, Rep, NTU UCU
Bee Hughes, LJMU UCU branch action committee member, Liverpool John Moores University
Manoj Dias-Abey, Lecturer, University of Bristol
Prof Ingrid Sharp, University of Leeds
Gabriel Moshenska, Associate Professor, UCL
Bruce Baker, UCU branch President; UCU NEC, Newcastle University
Prof Neil Gregor, Professor of Modern European History, University of Southampton
Rory Coulter, Lecturer in Geography, UCL
Lisbeth Aagaard, Teaching and Learning Manager, Political Science, UCL
Sam Marsh, Branch President, Sheffield UCU, University of Sheffield
Nigel Hayward, , UCL
Dion Georgiou, Lecturer, University of Chichester
Peter Collins, UCU Branch Chair, St Mary's University College Belfast
Prof Richard North, Professor of English, UCL
Sean Doyle, Lecturer, UCL
Dr Matt Pope, Principal Research Fellow, UCL
Prof Jenny Head, Professor of Medical and Social Statistics, UCL
Prof Aurora Plomer, University of Bristol
Prof Richard B. Jackman, Chair in Electronic Devices, UCL
Prof Ruth Holliday, University of Leeds
Paul Ayling, UCL
Ross Bates, UCU Member, UCL
Dr Tim Green, UCL
Lisa Fernand, Dept Rep Bartlett, UCL
Jeff Fowler, Retired SL, Sunderland University
Matthew Smith, Faculty Learning Technologist, UCL
Alessio Kolioulis, GTA, UCL
Sibylle Nalezinski, UCL
Esme Glauert, Senior Lecturer, UCL
Peter Field, Library Staff, UCL
Zoe Belk, Teaching Fellow, UCL
Howard Barr, Industrial Officer, PCS Union
Prof Ben Bradford, UCL
Lori Coletti Campbell, Department Manager, UCL
Prof Helen Roberts, Professor of Child Health Research, UCL, UCL
Paola Ceccarelli, Lecturer, UCL
Abigail Jackson, Lecturer in Law, University of East London
Prof Diana Paton, Professor of History, University of Edinburgh
Tony Cline, Tutor, Educational Psychology Group, PALS, UCL
Prof Stephen Shapiro, Warwick
Mary-Ellen Large, UCU H&S Officer, University of Hull
Hannah Boast, Teaching Fellow, University of Birmingham
Dr Adam C Errington, UCU Branch Executive, Cardiff University
Alexia Yates
Mick Cairns, UoL Senate House
Sunny Bains, Principal Teaching Fellow, UCL
Prof John M. McArthur, Professor of Geochemistry, UCL
Michael Marshall, UCL
Irina Biktasheva, University of Liverpool UCU branch
Lynda Harper, UCL
James Grindrod, Administrator, UCL Institute of Education
Lionel Openshaw, UCL
Prof Claire Squires, University of Stirling, University of Stirling
Adam Drazin, Lecturer, UCL
Mette Louise Berg, Associate Professor, UCL
Prof Phil Taylor, UCU Cttee Member, University of Strathclyde
Kendra Briken, Chancellor's Fellow, University of Strathclyde
Tom Cohen, Just one of the team, UCL
Prof Andy Morse, Professor of Climate Impacts, University of Liverpool
Prof John Foot, Professor of Modern Italian History, University of Bristol
Sherrill Stroschein, Reader in Politics, UCL
Rob Doswell, UCU member, CLIE, UCL
Dr John Dowell, UCL
Laura Steckley, Senior Lecturer, University of Strathclyde
Miles Jackson, Associate Professor of Law, University of Oxford
Hannah Jones, UCU member, University of Warwick
Tim Perkins, UCU member, UCL
Calum Carson, Doctoral Researcher, University of Leeds
Mark Stringer, Lecturer, Birkbeck College, UoL
Jen Remnant, Research Associate, Heriot-Watt
Robyn Orfitelli, Lecturer, University of Sheffield
Tom Wengraf, ex-academic staff union chair
Prof Valerio De Stefano, BOFZAP Research Professor of Labour Law, KU Leuven
Gordon Charles, UCL, UCL
Anna Paraskevopoulou, Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University
Ray Campbell, Associate Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
Matthew Donoghue, Departmental Lecturer; UCU Committee Member, University of Oxford
Daniel da Silva Lacerda, PhD, Lancaster University graduate
Jeroen Veldman, Senior Research Fellow, Cass Business School, City University
Prof Andrew Sturdy, Professor of Management and Organisation, University of Bristol
Prof David Weir, Professor of Intercultural Management, York St John
Garance Marechal, Lecture in Strategic Management, University of Liverpool
Dr John Haight, UCL
Emily Wheeler, Learning Advisor, University of Leeds
Nicola Clarke, Lecturer, Newcastle University
Dominic O'Key, PGR UCU Rep, University of Leeds
Wendy Calvert, Librarian, University of Leeds
Nick Efford, Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Leeds
Helen Bowman, UCU member, University of Leeds
Mark Taylor-Batty, Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds
Stephanie Davies, Birkbeck
Marga Navarrete, UCU, UCL
Rachel Proudfoot, UCU Rep, University of Leeds
Mark Abel, UCU Branch Chair and NEC, University of Brighton
Joseph Dempster, UNISON LGBT Members Officer/ IOE Sub-Com Convenor, UCL
Dave Milne, Lecturer
Prof Jane Holder, UCL
Dr Lesley Whitworth, Union rep, University of Brighton
Emma Stringfellow, Senior Lecturer, Coventry University
Aristea Koukiadaki, Senior lecturer, University of Manchester
Nadia Edmond, UCU Falmer Branch Chair, University of Brighton
Tom Hickey, UCU Committee member, University of Brighton
Dr Leonard Holmes, UCL alumnus, UCL
Joseph O'Mahoney, Lecturer in Politics and IR, University of Reading
Prof Marie-Benedicte Dembour, , University of Brighton
Sheila Cullen, Secretary of UCU Coordinating committee, University of Brighton
Prof Paul Mitchell, Professor of Laws, UCL
Pete Thomas, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University
Prof Robbin Derry, Professor of Management, University of Lethbridge
Barbara Samaluk, UCU member, research fellow, University of Greenwich
Michael Daly, University of Leeds
Thibaut Raboin, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Man Arroyo-Kalin, Lecturer, UCL
Owen Walsh, UCU postgrad rep, University of Leeds
Dr Jann Matlock, Senior Lecturer, UCL, UCL
Prof Alastair Hay, Professor of Environmental Toxicology (retired), University of Leeds
Lata Narayanaswamy, Leeds UCU Committee, Lecturer, University of Leeds
Kit Fotheringham, University of Bristol
Jess Meacham, Branch officer, University of Sheffield
Annette Braun, Lecturer, UCL
Jenny Post, UCU Rep, UCL
Louise Gaynor, Manager, UCL
Thandi Loewenson, UCU Rep, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Rachel Stuchbury, Senior Research Associate, UCL
Sarah Worton, Lecturer, UCL
Miranda Critchley, UCU Rep, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL
Tom Richardson, UCU - retired
Susan Hunt, UCU Chair, University of Sunderland
Luca Ratti, University of Luxembourg
Prof Jo Brewis, Professor of People and Organizations, The Open University
Prof Ana Maria Peredo, Professor Environmental Studies, and Academic women’s caucus Chair, University of Victoria, Canada
Matt Homer, Associate Professor in Education, University of Leeds
Miles Jackson, Associate Professor of Law, University of Oxford
Dr Quentin Outram, Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Leeds
Andy Fugard, UCU Branch Welfare Officer, Birkbeck College
Hazel Croft, UNISON steward IOE sub-committee, UCL
Alistair Mutch, Professor of Information and Learning, Nottingham Trent University
Dr Chris Evans, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Prof Gerald Mars, Hon. Professor, UCL
Katy Makin, UCL
Julia Manning, PhD Student, UCL
Rashpal Liddar, UCL
Prof Lucie Clapp, UCL
Stephen O’Sullivan, UCU local branch committee member
Rhiannon Lockley, UCU NEC (FE Midlands), BCU
Dr James Kneale, Associate Professor, Geography, UCL, UCL
Matthias Kispert, Associate Lecturer, University of the Arts London
Sarah Kunz, Research Associate, University of Bristol
Jo Lampard, UCL
Dr Sarah Gregson, Senior Lecturer/Branch President NTEU, University of NSW
Roger Clarke, Lecturer in Philosophy, Queen's University Belfast
Dave Muritu, UCU Chair of the Equality Committee, NEC, Sandwell College
Gwen Brekelmans, PhD student & PGTA, UCL
Prof Anson Mackay, UCL
Anja Boeing, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Prof Vivienne Jones, Professor of Environmental Change, UCL
Jane Henderson, Reader
Red Chidgey, Lecturer, King's College London
Marco Checchi, Lecturer, De Montfort University
Mira Vogel, Senior Teaching Fellow, King's College London
Ruth Craggs, Senior Lecturer, King's College London
Martina Donald, UCU NWRC Branch Secretary, NWRC
Dr Lee Jones, Reader in International Politics, Queen Mary University of London
Prof Steve Brown, The Open University
Leon Sealey-Huggins, Warwick UCU Committee Member
Mikael Altemark, Member, Gothenburg Local Federation of the Central Organization for Workers in Sweden
Andrew Harris, Associate Professor, UCL
Stuart Tannock, UCL UCU Committee, IoE, UCL
Martina Donald, UCU NWRC Branch Secretary, NWRC
Dr Stephen Cowden, Branch Chair, Coventry University
Prof Hugh Willmott, City University of London
Prof Bianca De Stavola, Professor of Medical Statistics, UCL
Tatiana Thieme, Lecturer in Human Geography, UCL
Dr Tariq Jazeel, , UCL
Lioba Hirsch, PhD Candidate, UCL
Lydia Lau, Associate Professor, University of Leeds
Sharon McGuire, UCU Vice President, Coventry University
Caroline Garaway, UCL
Emilia Weber, PhD Candidate, UCL
Natalie Sedacca, PhD Candidate & Teaching Fellow, UCL
Simon Smith, Casework Coordinator, Coventry University
Stan Papoulias, UCU rep, KCL
Prof Nicky Priaulx, Cardiff University
James O’Leary, Associate Professor, UCL
R Kayastha, UCL
Natasha Wilson, PhD candidate, UCL
Dr Lucy Burke, UCU NEC Representative of Disabled Members, MMU
Prof Adam Swift, UCL
Wolfgang Wüster, Senior Lecturer, Bangor University
Dr Richard Hull, Lecturer, Goldsmiths, University of London
Dr Owain Kenway, UCL
Prof Heather Jones, UCL
Prof Jorge Diaz-Cintas, Professor of Translation, UCL
Chris Read, UCU member, University of Warwick
Laurence Totelin, Cardiff UCU casework coordinator, Cardiff University
Prof Roz Shafran, UCL
Prof Craig Brandist, UCU senior vice president, University of Sheffield
Prof Richard Hall, Professor of Education and Technology, De Montfort University
C C Adams, Nottingham Trent University
Luke Cooper, Senior Lecturer in International Politics,
Christopher Cocking, casework coordinator Brighton UCU, University of Brighton
Gwen Vickers, ACC, NCC Redbridge
Prof Frederic Chaume, Honorary Professor, UCL
Jyrki Tuomainen, Senior Lecturer, UCL
Gyta Nicola, UNISON Retired Officer
Huw Charles, UCL
Prof Aris Katzourakis, Oxford UCU Vice-President, University of Oxford
Prof Helen Xanthaki, UCL
Neal Christie, ISD (Retired), UCL
Prof I Grugulis, Professor of Work and Skills, University of Leeds
Dean Park, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Sian Preece, UCL Institute of Education
Julie Hearn, UCU NEC member, Lancaster University
Isobel Renzulli, Lecturer, Brunel University London
Adrian Wright
Albert J. Mills, Full Professor, Saint Mary's University
Jeff King, Professor of Law, Faculty of Laws, UCL, UCL
Loveleen Bansi-Matharu, Research Associate, UCL
Jo Pearson, Senior Teaching & Learning Administrator, UCL
Daniel Sage, UCU rep - School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University
Tim Wickson, GTA, UCL
Nikhil Venkatesh, PhD candidate, UCL
Colm McLaughlin, Associate Professor, University College Dublin
Sue Chick, Retired, UCL
Ian Vickers, Senior Research Fellow, Middlesex University
Anika Easy, University of Leeds
Iain McKay, Former UCL ISD UCU Rep, now University of Loughborough
Amy Downing, Senior Research Fellow, University of Leeds
Hon Prof Michael Edwards, former UCU Branch Chair, UCL
Ian Ellis, Dundee UCU Branch Secretary, Dundee
Dr Amy Horton, Lecturer, UCL
Dermot O'Reilly, Senior Lecturer, Lancaster University
Dr Tom Cornford, UCU Rep and Senior Lecturer, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Philip Roberts, Associate Lecturer in Development Politics, University of York
Mike Finn, Senior Lecturer in History, University of Exeter
David Wilson, UCU Negotiating Secretary, Loughborough University
Marc Gibson, Branch Secretary (admin), Loughborough University
Rachel Ellman, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL Institute of Education
Jamie Melrose, Branch Secretary , University of Bristol
Dr Pete Duncan, Associate Professor, UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)
Dr David Berry, Honorary Fellow, Loughborough University
Midori Harris, UCU Branch Treasurer, University of Cambridge
Alison Wiggins, MA Tutor, UCL
Dr Rocío Baños-Piñero, Associate Professor, UCL
Mary Richardson, Associate Professor of Education, UCL
Paul Benneworth, Professor, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
Prof Bill Bowring, Professor of Law, Birkbeck
Sareen Galbraith, UCU rep, Leeds Beckett University
Prof Diamond Ashiagbor, University of Kent & Honorary Prof, UCL
Connie Nolan, Senior Lecturer , Canterbury Christ Church
Heidi Proctor, PhD student, UCL
Antonio Sama, UCU Change abd Reviews Officer, Canterbury Christ Church University
Peter Martin, Lecturer, UCL
Dr William Rowlandson, UCU Kent Branch committee member, University of Kent
Nicola Ingram, Professor of Sociology of Education, Sheffield Hallam University
Sarah Davis, UCL
Richard Bettie, Operational Lead (Custom Development), University of Leeds
Giovanni Orlandini, Associate Professor, University of Siena (Italy)
Kostas Cheliotis, Research Fellow, UCL
Dr Robin Jervis, Lecturer, University of Brighton
Ryan Burns, UCU membership secretary, Moulsecoomb branch, University of Brighton
D. Carl Walker, Reader in Psychology, Brighton
Simon Wilkinson, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
Dr Mark Erickson, Reader in Sociology, University of Brighton
Prof Naomi Fulop, Professor of Health Care Organisation & Management & UCU member, UCL
Jedge Pilbrow, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
Jo Wilding, Part-time lecturer, Brighton
Aris Mousoutzanis, Principal Lecturer in Film & Screen Studies, University of Brighton
Luis Diaz, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
CAROLYN LEWIS, Senior Lecturer, Brighton Business School, University of Brighton
Dr Catherine Matthews, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
Dr Patricia Prieto-Blanco, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
Thomas Swann, Early Career Fellow, Loughborough University
Jonathan Gilhooly, Dr, University of Brighton
Dr Sandra J Williams, Member, University of Brighton
Dr Nick McGlynn, Lecturer, University of Brighton
Fiona MacNeill, UCU Equalities Rep for Falmer branch, University of Brighton
Dr Annie Ring, UCL
Philip Curran, MRC LTUS representative, UCL
Garikoitz Gomez Alfaro, Tutor, University of Brighton
Joel Baker, PhD student, University of Sheffield
Ian Sinclair, HPL, University of Brighton
Prof Simon Lewis, Chair Global Change Science, UCL
Prof Duska Rosenberg, UCU case worker, University of London
Adam Phillips, Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University
Patrick McCann, UCU Branch Secretary, West Thames College
Asif Khan, CONEL
J Nayar, CONEL
Melanie Parkhill
Poorandokht Mashoof, Lecturer, CONEL
Malcolm Seward, tutor
Daniel Holwell, Safety Representative, CONEL
David Wright, PDRA, UCL
Filiz Caran, Lecturer, CONEL
Prof Bob Brecher, University of Brighton
Michael Starrs , Deputy Convener EIS, West Lothian College
Jan Koene, Branch Chair, Sutton College; Adult Ed Rep. London Region UCU
Mario Amico, Lecturer, Plumbing, CONEL
Dr Brian Spencer
Lynne Chamberlain, UCU Treasurer London Region
Claire Bissell, CONEL
Jean-François Dupeyron, Université de Bordeaux
Ian Crosson, UCU membership secretary Poplar branch Tower Hamlets campus, New City College
Laurence Ross, Lecturer
Prof Christophe Soligo, UCL
Kerry Doyle, Principal Lecturer, University of Brighton
Prof Sandra Fredman, Professor of Law, Oxford University
Nese Colyn, Lecturer
Lesley Kane, Open University UCU branch secretary
Mara Benetti, UCU member, UCL
Prof. Bee Scherer, Professor and director of INCISE, Canterbury Christ Church University
Kate Hawkins, UCU Branch Executive Officer, The Open University
Prof Emmanuel Dockès, University Paris Nanterre, France
Benjamin Franks, University of Glasgow UCU Committee Representative, University of Glasgow
Matthew Cobb, Professor, University of Manchester, external examiner UCL 2015-2018
Louis R. Wood, UCU retired member
Rebecca Roberts, UCU Member, The University of Sheffield
Dr Fiona Essig, Associate lecturer, The Open University
Mark Archer, RVC Unison H&S Rep, UCL
Charles Demain, UCL
Lily Cleminson, UCL
Rakhi, UCL
Jennifer Domingo, UNISON member, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Bernadette Flynn, UCL
Andre Burbidge, Convenor, LSHTM
Rosalyn Lawrence, Ordinary subscribed member, UCL
Jeremy Burton, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
Bill Martin, Staff, UCL
Alasdair Tatam, UCL
Roberto Hertel , Finance Administrator, UCL
Katie Kay, , UCL
Ayana Sakey, Unison member, UCL
Edward Morgan, House Manager, UCL
Michael Smith, UCL
Gareth Jones, Library Services, UCLe
Robert Fenner, Member, UCL
Mary Watkins, UCL
Sue Newte, retired Employment Tribunals Member
Sharon James, UCL
Colum Mc Dermott, Unison steward, UCL
John Evans, Library Assistant, UCL
Anait Avakian, UCU member, CONEL
Derek Mills, Unison convenor, Royal Vet College UCL Branch
Jo Metivier, UCL
Marie Parker, Retired Unison member, UCL
Laura Cashman, Canterbury Christ Church University
Antonia Chater, ESOL lecturer, The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London
Dr Rachel Wilde, Lecturer, UCL
G. Medo Anicet OULE
Joan Brennan, International Officer, UCL Unison (Retired), UCL
Dr Magnus Ramage, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, The Open University
Antonio Cunha
Karen Schucan Bird, UCL
Sharon Broer, UCU West Midlands Regional Secretary
Mike Kurjakovski, UCL
Michelle Jarvis, Employment rep and Education Officer, UNISON UCL, RVC
Angie Birtill, Trade Union Studies Lecturer & UCU member, College of Haringey & North East London (CONEL)
Tom Cuthbert, Unison Learning Representative, Royal Veterinary College
emily dawson, UCL
Dmitri Vassiliev, Professor, UCL
Sandra Lusk, Project Manager (Education Strategy Student Programmes), UCL
Peter Conlan, UCL
David Reeves, UCL
Lucinda Miller, associate professor of ULC laws, UCL
Liz Holden, UCU member - ISD (Retired), UCL
Dr Steven Vaughan, UCL Faculty of Laws, UCL
Duncan Harris, UCU Branch Committee , Nottingham College
Dr Heba Youssef, Lecturer
Rebecca Rees, Senior Lecturer/Associate Prof, UCL
Edwin Clifford-Coupe, Campaigns Officer, Birkbeck UNISON, Birkbeck College
Neil Hughes, UCL
John Bowles, UCL
Grietje Baars, City UCU Exec member, Equality Officer, City. University of London
Jane Challenger Gillitt, Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
Olly Owen, Lecturer in African Studies, Departmental Representative, , Oxford University
David J McGonigle, Lecturer, Former PhD Student at UCL, Cardiff University
Owen Holland, Teaching Fellow, UCL
Jessica Womack, IoE Archivist, UCL
Eleanor Janega, LSE
Prof. Lee Grieveson, UCL
Maria Ryan, Dr, University of Nottingham
Christopher Phelps, Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor, University of Nottingham
Robin Vandome, Lecturer, University of Nottingham
Joanna Drugan, Professor of Translation, University of East Anglia
Philip Inglesant, Research Assistant, University of Oxford, Department of Computer Science
Dr Joana Ramalho, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Heather Logue, Associate Professor, University of Leeds
Paul Lamb, UCL
Malcolm Barnard, SL, Loughborough University
Dr Joan Fitzpatrick, Senior Lecturer in English, Loughborough University
Prof Gabriel Egan, Professor of Shakespeare Studies, De Montfort University
Reinhard Huss, Senior Teaching Fellow,
Sharon Connell, Conservation Officer, University of Leeds
Christy Wensley, UCL
Dr. Guy Aitchison, King's College, London
Liz Woolley, Tutor and lecturer, Oxford University
Thomas Jellis, University of Oxford
Thomas Jellis, University of Oxford
Alfons Weber, Professor, Unioversity of Oxford
Dr Michael Biggs, Associate Professor of Sociology (UCU member), University of Oxford
James King, DPhil Researcher, University of Oxford
Marta Perez Alcantara, DPhil student, University of Oxford
Elizabeth Murphy, University of Oxford
Ann Dowker, Oxford University
Margaret Watson, University of Oxford
Richard G Compton, Professor of Chemistry, University of Oxford
Amanda Power, Associate Professor, University of Oxford
Philip Mountford, Professor of Chemistry, Oxford University
Rosemary Dearden
Tom White, Research Fellow, Oxford
Stephen Williams, Retired Fellow, Worcester College, Oxford
Jo-Anne Baird, Professor, University of Oxford
David Allwright, Mathematical Consultant, Smith Institute
Peter Somogyi, Professor, University of Oxford
Nick Barton, Professor, University of Oxford
Sudhir Hazareesingh, Dr, Balliol College, Oxford
Robert Evans, Professor,
Dr. William Smith, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Oxford
Danny Hatem, University of Oxford
Ruth Shaw, Member,
Jaya John John, Co-President, Oxford UCU, University of Oxford
Georgios Baskozos, Post-doc researcher, University of Oxford
Jane Caplan, Professor of Modern History, Birkbeck (Visiting) and Oxford (Emeritus)
Dr Peter J. King, Lecturer, Pembroke College, University of Oxford
Caroline Struthers, Member UCU, University of Oxford
Simon Read, Dr, NDPH, University of Oxford
Oliver Pooley, Associate Professor, University of Oxford
Julia Mannherz, Associate Professor in History, University of Oxford
Piers Nye, University Lecturer (retired), Oxford University
Sabina Lovibond, Emeritus Fellow (Philosophy), Worcester College, Oxford
Anton van der Merwe, Professor, University of Oxford
Dr. Andreea Scacioc, postdoctoral scientist, University of Oxford
Finlay Birnie, University of Oxford
Rod Chalk PhD, Post-doctoral researcher, Oxford University
Deborah Oxley, Professor, University of Oxford
Víctor Acedo-Matellán, Associate Professor, Linguistics, University of Oxford
Daniel D Healey, Professor of Modern Russian History, Oxford University
Victoria Harris, Dr, University of Oxford
Michael Spivey, University Lecturer, University of Oxford
Dana Josephson, University of Oxford, Bodleian Libraries (retired)
Hamish Yeung, Glasstone Research Fellow, University of Oxford
Dr Jack Miller, Junior Research Fellow, University of Oxford
charles vincent, Professor, University of Oxford
Rui Soares Barbosa, Research Assistant, University of Oxford
Alejandra Crosta
Thomas Sinclair, Associate Professor, University of Oxford
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra, Professor of Metaphysics, University of Oxford
Miriam Schwarz, Lecturer, University of Oxford
Joseph Graystone, Senior Technician, University of Oxford
Jean-Luc Schwenninger, Dr, University of Oxford
Simon Skinner, University of Oxford
Sam Henry, UCU Casework Coordinator, Oxford
Dr Robert Amess, Honorary Departmental Statistician, University of Oxford
Francis Reavley, Associate Academic,
Niamh Burns, UCU member , Oxford University
Andrew Melling, DPhil Coordinator, University of Oxford
Guido Bonsaver, Professor, University of Oxford
Tristram Wyatt, Visiting Lecturer, UCL
Dr Judith Hillier, Associate Professor, University of Oxford
Ben Walker, Technical Team Lead, University of Oxford
Andrew Dixon, Head of Service Management Office, University of Oxford
David Hemprich-Bennett, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Oxford
Aaron Reeves, Associate Professor, University of Oxford
Mikal Ann Mast, Project Manager, University of Oxford
Dr Nick Fahy, Research Fellow, University of Oxford
Lucy Abel, University of Oxford
Susannah Taylor, University of Oxford
James McDougall, Professor of modern and contemporary history, University of Oxford
Anna Brown, Senior Analyst Programmer, University of Oxford
Lynne McDermott, UCU member, University of Oxford
Bashir Ahmed, Departmental Safety Rep, DPAG, Oxford University
Andrew Thomas, Ordinary member, Cardiff University
Andy Buerki, lecturer, Cardiff University
Roger Firth, Associate Professor, University of Oxford
Michael Alder-Woolf, System Support/Developer Analyst, Cardiff University
Dr Andy King, Lecturer, University of Southampton
Jon Erichsen, Professor, Cardiff University
Sos Eltis, Associate Professor, University of Oxford
Professor Jane Kaye, University of Oxford
Armin Reichold, Professor at Oxford University, Oxford University
Lydia Wright, UCU Rep, University of Oxford
Dorota Goluch, Lecturer, Cardiff University; UCL alumna
Alison Williams, Lecturer, Cardiff University
Michael Kohl, University Research Lecturer, University of Oxford
Margaret Adams, retired, Somerville College Oxford
Tariq Hanid, UCL
Chris Norbury, Professor of Molecular Pathology, University of Oxford
Maria Keyse, UCU member, Cardiff
Alison Samuels, Teacher and Lecturer (Classics), Blackfriars, Oxford
David Steinsaltz, Associate Professor of Statistics, University of Oxford
Stephanie Lewthwaite, University of Nottingham
Oriel Sullivan, Professor of Sociology of Gender, UCL
Kit Power, OU UCU Branch VP, The Open University
John Fitzgerald, Probationer Research Student, University of Oxford
Maria Salinas, Dr, University of Oxford
Daniel Bos, Lecturer, University of Oxford
Rob Traynor, UCL
Chloe Karpinskyj, Research Associate, UCL
Samir Aoudjane, UCL Rep, Engineering, UCL
Karen Dwyer, Teaching fellow, UCL
Chris Routh, UCL
Caroline Clarke, UCL
Nikoleta Pappa, UCL
Stephen Boyle, Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL
Bettina Lange, Dr., University of Oxford
Svetlana McMillin, Dr, UCL
Richard Marsh, Institute Manager, IEHC , UCL
Qasir Shah, UCL
Alessandro Rapezzi , Segretario nazionale, FLC CGIL Italy
Ada Mau, UCL
Marina Vishmidt, Lecturer, Goldsmiths
Andrea Revesz, UCL Institute of Education, UCL
Izzat Darwazeh, Professor, UCL
Claire Duddy, University of Oxford
Jessica Merli, FLC CGIL Milano
Annalisa, Miur
Massimo Materassi, PhD, Researcher, National Research Council of Italy CNR
Francesco Grazzi, Researcher, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy
Tim Atkinson, Honorary Professor, UCL
Anita Schrader McMillan, Former Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford,
Gabriele Giannini, FLC Cgil Italia,
John Gilbert, FLC-CGIL School, University, Research Trade Union, University of Florence (Italy)
Jean-Yves Le Léap, teacher, Università di Catania (Italy)
Barbara Guttuso, English language teacher, University of Siena, Italy
David McAllister, UCU Rep, Dept of English and Humanities, Birkbeck
Paul BATEMAN, Postdoc, University of Oxford
Institute of Education, University College London, Teaching Fellow, UCL
David Baker, Head, IT Learning Centre, University of Oxford
Sarah Jane Christopher,
Maria Pilar Pastor, Union Rappresentative. Teaching Fellow UNITN , Università degli studi di Trento (Italy)
GIUSEPPE MURE, dipendente università di Bari, FLC CGIL
Ruggero Vaia, Researcher, Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy
Mark Waugh, UCL
Jim Stewart, Prof Jim Stewart, Liverpool Business School
Samanta Mezzetti, union official and teacher of kindergarten, Flc Cgil Ferrara
Jane Rendell, Professor , UCL
Anne Phillips, UCL
Annette Knight, Senior Counsellor, UCL
Catherine Aicken, Research Fellow, University of Brighton
Freya Field-Donovan, UCL
Carlos Herrera, Teaching Fellow, UCL
Giovanni La Penna, National research council of Italy
Nadia Pagani, Language instructor, University of Bologna
Natasa Perovic, member, UCL
Mike Eslea, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, UCLan
Noriko Cable, Senior Research Fellow, UCL
Professor Nicola Shelton, UCU Rep IEHC UCL, UCL
Andrew Gilbert, University of Exeter
Alex Watson, Lecturer , University of Manchester
Liam Rodger, Associate Lecturer, Open University
Prof Fay Dowker, UCU Branch Committee Rep, Imperial College
Roddy Slorach, Branch organiser, Imperial College UCU,
Dr. Michael McGarvey, Branch President, Imperial College London
Ruth Herd, Honorary Sec., Imperial UCU, Imperial College London
Vijay Tymms, Principal Teaching Fellow and UCU rep, Imperial College London
Janette Shiel, UCU Rep, Imperial College London
Prof. John McArthur, Professor of Geochemistry, UCL
Alun Hughes, Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology & Pharmacology, UCL
Sol Gamsu, Lecturer, Durham University
Sarah J. Young, Associate Professor, UCL
Prof. Eric Gordy, UCL
Andrew Flinn, Dr, UCL
sumayya ahmed, lecturer, UCL
Kate Quinn, Senior Lecturer and UCU member, UCL
Colleen McKenna, LSE
Pieter Blue, Reader, School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh

- all the above have given permission for publication - see option above -

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