FASS 2019 Audition Form
This form must be filled in by everyone interested in being a part of FASS 2019.
This includes acting, being in the band, helping with tech, or any other work with the production :)
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NOTE: Your email address will be added to the show's mailing lists. This list will be used only for the duration of the show to send out information related to the production and social events. Your email address will only be shared with production team; not the general cast and crew.
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Emergency Contact
This information is for use in the event of a medical emergency only and will be kept confidential to only those people who will need it.
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Do you have any medical conditions/allergies we should know about? If so, describe below (include food allergies/sensitivities). We will do our best to accommodate at events where food is provided. Also list medications you are taking that we need to know about.
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During events, like rehearsals and parties, we like to take pictures (sometimes videos too) and use them to promote our shows and the company in general. Are you comfortable with us using your image in our promotional material? *
Promotional material may include posters, postings on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and our website.
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