2018 Expo Evaluation
Overall Conference and Logistics
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I was satisfied overall by the conference.
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There were sufficient opportunities for knowledge-sharing.
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The meals and breaks were satisfactory.
Missoula was a great town for the Expo
The festivities (cake auction, dinner, music, etc.) were welcoming, engaging, and entertaining
Keynote Speaker Miguel Altieri
The presenter was engaging and interesting
I gained new information/insights
Relevant & Resilient Meeting
The meeting was facilitated well and efficiently
I felt welcomed and encouraged to contribute & I feel like we made progress during the meeting
I gained new information/insights
AERO Tours
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Missoula Centric
UM / Farm to College
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Annual Membership Meeting
The meeting was efficient and well-facilitated
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Panels, Roundtable Discussions and Presentations:
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Industrial Hemp Processing
DIY Solar
Zero Waste Panel
Effects of Climate on Ag, Nutrition, & H. Health
Greenhouse Effect, Carbon Footprint & Carbon Tax
Creating Hydrosol Through Distillation
Rocket Mass Heaters
Climate Battery Designs
Hazard Ready
Methodologies for Assessing Your Farm's Reslience
Carbon Cycle & Backyard Oyster Mushrooms
Energy Savings Through Innovation
Small Engine Maintenance
Comments about Panels/Workshops
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What did you find to be the most inspiring and engaging? (i.e. Panels & Sessions, keynote, mixer, Relevant & Resilient Meeting, cake auction or social times)
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What suggestions do you have for improving the conference?
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What would have been helpful for you with planning or preparation PRIOR to the Expo, in terms of registration, communication from AERO, etc.?
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As a member-driven organization, we are always looking for feedback on our programming. What would you like AERO to be focused on in the coming year?
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Do you have a suggestion for future Annual Meeting locations?
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My favorite part of the conference was:
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Expo was partially funded with Missoula Tourism Business Improvement District (TBID) funding. The following questions will assist AERO in providing useful feedback to them about the economic impact of our event in Missoula
How far did you travel to attend Expo this weekend?
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