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Learn. Visualize. Build the Next Big Thing!

We are on the verge of a digital revolution and the pace of technological development is increasing drastically. It is our sole responsibility to contribute by ideating and developing pragmatic solutions for some of the crucial problems all around the globe using the power of Emerging Technologies.

LETS HACK 2020 is a 36-hours power-packed virtual hackathon by Zubi. It consists of workshops, talks, networking sessions, prizes, career opportunities, and a lot more. It will bring together coders, designers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators around the country to collaborate and build using emerging technologies.

- Work with Zubi Core Team
- Get a chance to intern with Zubi
- Get a Certificate of Contribution
- Get Swags like T-Shirts and Stickers
- Get a chance to earn amazon vouchers, exclusive goodies, free emerging technology courses, etc (Performance Based)

Be a part of our core team for the hackathon. Fill the form to be a part of our Family!

Note: We are looking for people who have relevant experience and a passion to contribute.

Check more details of hackathon here: https://letshack.zubi.io

Want to become a mentor? Apply here: https://forms.gle/sUVFezQadL1BG4rVA
Want to become a speaker? Apply here: https://forms.gle/3Tm2KSqRUxzt4F2W6
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