FOA Youth Application 2020
Friends of Appalachia, Inc. (FOA) is a Trumbull, Connecticut based 501c3 Community Organization, open to all, which strives to educate and sensitize youth and adult volunteers to address the needs of the impoverished people in Central Appalachia.

In the fall of 2009, a group of committed and experienced individuals came together to form an independent 501(c)(3) with a simple purpose: to Help. Build. Hope. in Central Appalachia. This new organization would enable us to work unrestricted for the people of Central Appalachia. Our single largest initiative was and still is the Appalachian Service Project trip that many of us had made in the past, as well as some new initiatives to focus on more year-round help for this impoverished region.

This application is important to your understanding of the trip and our policies both on it and leading up to it.

Please read each question fully and answer to the best of your ability.
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I will be 18 Years Old on this trip
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Getting To Know You
How many FOA Trips have you been on? *
How many total ASP Trips have you been on? *
Are you related to anyone on this years FOA Trip? If yes, who? *
How did you hear about Friends of Appalachia? Use names if you learned about us from a friend/peer/teacher/family member. *
NEW APPLICANTS - How are you affecting positive change in your own life and your community? Please include Community Service, Faith, Expectations or Real Life Experiences with serving others. RETURNING YOUTH - Please also include how you have included FOA/ASP's 3 S's [Sensitivity, Safety, and Stewardship] in your day-to-day life, since going on your FOA trip(s). (There are no wrong answers, but you should take the time to write a heartfelt response ) *
What do you hope to get out of this experience? *
What are some of your special talents and skills? *
(include music abilities, construction abilities, and/or any other talent or skill you think we should know about)
What extracurricular activities do you participate in at school? *
What extracurricular activities do you participate in outside of school? *
Describe time commitments which might interfere with your commitment to the FOA meetings and 2020 trip. *
(sports, musical productions, work, planned vacations, trips, etc) Please be specific with time and duration of each)
Food Questions
Do you follow any of the following specialized diets? *
Do you have any food allergies or sensitivities? *
If YES, please describe in "Other"
Behavioral Background
Have you been arrested? *
If you answer YES, please explain the cause of your arrest.
Have you been suspended from school, had any in-school suspensions or expulsions? *
If you answer YES, please explain what the cause was of your suspension or expulsion.
Your Commitment to FOA
cell phone and attendance policies
Cellphone Policy: In order for every volunteer to maximize the experience of our trip, FOA prohibits the use of cell phones and any other communication devices during any time they are involved with FOA (including but not limited to the training meetings, construction projects, fundraisers, solicitations, and trip). ~Do you agree to have your cellphone turned off or silenced, and out of sight, for the duration of all meetings?
Our policy is for you not to bring your cellphone/watch (or the like) on the trip. Therefore FOA is not responsible for damage, lost or stolen communication devices. Advisors will have cell phones for emergency and logistic support. Parents and family members will be given contact information to reach their child, if need be. Volunteers should seek out an advisor or FOA's Center Director during the trip if there is a need to call home. ~Do you agree to refrain from bringing your cell phone and accessories on the trip? *
Do you agree to attend all meetings, and to notify an Executive Board member if there is any reason that you are not able to attend a meeting (prior to said meeting)?
Do you agree to participate in FOA's service and fund-raising projects, including our Taste of Spring Fundraiser, Stop n Shop Solicitation, and pre-trip construction activities?
Do you grant FOA permission to use photographs of you on social media and our website during your participation in the FOA/ASP program? *
In order to accomplish a successful trip and to ensure the safety and positive experience of every one of our volunteers during our mission, all volunteers with Friends of Appalachia, Inc. are required to abide by the following code of conduct during all FOA related activities.  This includes but is not limited to meetings, fundraisers, activities, and the trip itself. Please check the following boxes after reading the statements, and sign your name to show your support of the FOA Volunteers Responsibilities. This set of rules should be followed by all volunteers on our trip at all times.
I will never verbally or physically assault another person. *
I will never steal, attempt to steal, or have possession of any stolen goods. *
I will never display obscene gestures to or use profane language at another person. *
I will never discriminate against or harass another person based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ancestry or disability. *
I will never purchase, have possession of, use, or distribute any controlled substance, drug paraphernalia, alcohol and/or tobacco products during the entirety of our meetings and trip. *
Clothing Policy: During the meetings, activities and entirety of the trip; all shirts and tops must completely cover the midriff and lower back when sitting or standing. Clothing should also provide appropriate coverage at the neckline. No tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, sleeveless shirts, or see-through clothing shall be worn. Footwear is required and must be appropriate and safe for indoor and outdoor activities. ~ I will wear the appropriate clothing during all activities of FOA. *
I will not enter any unauthorized area of the ASP Center at any time, nor should I handle any item that belongs to the school/Center. *
I will not sexually harass any other person, and understand that sexual harassment of any kind is prohibited and illegal. *
I will not purchase, posses, or ignite any fireworks or other explosive materials or any material that can cause a fire. *
Nightly Schedule: At quiet time (10:30pm), all recreational activities are suspended to allow yourself time to use the bathroom, brush teeth etc. At lights out (11 pm), every volunteer of our organization must be in their bed with no distractions. ~I will respect the quiet time and the lights out rule each and every day of our trip. *
I will be respectful to people of all religions, and respectful to ASP staff during all religious activities. *
Friends of Appalachia is a non-denominational organization that works under the guidelines of Appalachian Service Project (ASP), a Christian organization. I understand that volunteers come from various religious backgrounds; I will not be required to participate in any activity that will makes me uncomfortable or violates my personal religious beliefs. I will have respect toward all those actively participating, as this is a requirement of all volunteers.
I understand that destruction of real, personal or the Center's property, such as cutting, defacing or otherwise damaging property in any way is prohibited, and that I will be responsible for any restitution as determined by FOA. *
I understand that falsely reporting an incident to the ASP Center's staff or to the police or fire department (such as a bomb threat or tampering with the fire alarm) is prohibited and will be prosecuted by law. *
I understand that no youth are allowed to go off on their own or with a group of youth, and understand that permission will not be granted unless 2 advisors accompany said youth. *
I agree to wear my seat belt at all times when in transit on the trip, and to not be a distraction to the driver or co-pilot. *
I understand that no participant under the age of 21 years is allowed to drive rental vehicles, and will never place myself in the driver's seat of any rental vehicle. *
I understand that violation to this code of conduct contract will be subject to any or all of the following consequences: a verbal warning, a phone call to my parent from me and/or an advisor, FOA's refusal of any future applications, or my dismissal from the trip at my own expense. *
A spirit of cooperation, a respectful attitude, and consideration for others are all important to the success of this trip. I agree to bring such a spirit to the FOA, to abide by all of the rules established either by the ASP Center Staff or the leaders of FOA. *
I have read and understand the Friends of Appalachia code of conduct and agree to abide by all policies set forth in this agreement. *
Typing Your Name indicates valid signature.
Signature Date *
ASP : Appalachia Service Project has been organizing Service volunteer groups for more than 50 years, with the main focus on eradicating substandard housing for those in Central Appalachia, by making their homes, “Warmer, Safer, and Drier”. They also provide transformational service experiences for their volunteers. Last year 17,030 volunteers provided critical repairs or 642 families.

FOA : Friends of Appalachia is a local group celebrating 11 years of safe service trips for youth. We are open to all, and strive to educate and sensitize youth and adult volunteers to address the needs of the impoverish people in central Appalachia.
I agree to support FOA's Leadership Board in their efforts to uphold the code of conduct. Detailed explanations of the code of conduct and other FOA/ASP policies can be found in the application. *
Cellphone (and accessories) Policies: In order for every volunteer to maximize the experience of our trip, FOA prohibits the use of cell phones and any other communication devices during any time they are involved with FOA (including but not limited to the training meetings, construction projects, fundraisers, solicitations, and trip). Our Trip Policy is for your Youth to not to bring their cellphone/accessories. Therefore FOA is not responsible for damage, lost or stolen communication devices. Advisors will have cell phones for emergency and logistic support. Parents/Guardians will be given Advisor contact information to reach their child, as an emergency only. Youth Volunteers should seek out an advisor or FOA's Center Director during the trip if there is a need to call home. ~Do you agree to encourage your Youth to refrain from bringing their cell phone on the trip?
I agree to give FOA permission to use photographs, slides or videos in which my child appears for ASP and FOA publicity purposes, including but not limited to posting on FOA's Facebook page, Website and Instagram. *
Our fee to ASP and FOA fees are combined in a total of $900 for the 2020 Trip. FOA aids in fundraising efforts by providing a donation letter to solicit funds from family, friends, and businesses, and by providing Stop and Shop solicitations and our "Taste of Spring" fundraiser that volunteers may participate in and contribute to. Every month, January to May, FOA is responsible for making payments to ASP on behalf of each participant. Therefore, refunds for discontinuing participation on the FOA 2020 Trip are not possible. In extreme cases, any refund request will be brought up to the Board of Directors of FOA and ASP. *
I understand that participation in ASP activities may expose me (or my minor child/ward) to a variety of potentially dangerous situations, among them the use of power tools, work on roofs, and travel on mountainous roads. I still wish to grant permission for my minor child to participate. In exchange for the opportunity to participate, I release, discharge and covenant to protect, indemnify and hold harmless Friends of Appalachia Inc., its officers, agents and volunteers and all persons connected to Friends of Appalachia Inc., from any and all claims, damages, expense, or injuries of whatever kind of nature, including negligence, arising from or out of such to my child's participation in FOA, which I may now or hereafter have individually or as the parent of guardian of my minor child/ward. Additionally, I understand that willful failure of my son/daughter to follow the written policies in this application could result in his/her removal prior to the trip and/or early return home with the costs being my responsibility. If my youth is asked to leave this trip early, I will be notified and asked to pre-pay the costs for my son/daughters trip home. *
My child will be attending the Friends of Appalachia Inc. Youth Mission ASP Trip during the time period between July 11th - July 19th, 2020. I understand the program involves community service projects and recreational activities. I acknowledge reasonable measures will be taken to safe guard the health and safety of all participants. In the event of any situation in which medical treatment is required while involved in FOA activities, every reasonable effort will be make to contact the individuals listed as Emergency Contacts. While contact may have not taken place, yet, I consent individually and on behalf of my minor child/ward to be treated by a licensed medical personnel. I hereby authorize the treating medical personnel to disclose medical information to the Friends of Appalachia Inc., adult accompanying me or my minor child/ward and for the FOA adult(s) to secure proper treatment including injections, anesthesia, or surgery upon the recommendation of and in consultation with medical personnel. I agree that my health care insurance company may be billed for such medical care expenses and am aware that I will be responsible for any medical treatment expenses not covered by my health care insurance. I have acknowledge that I have read this Release, Waiver, and Authorization, understand it, and am accepting it voluntarily and knowingly. Checking the box below is confirming I am giving permission as noted. *
Typing your name indicates a valid signature. You are supporting your child in their decision to help FOA and their mission, and all that is included in this application. *
Are you are interested in learning more about becoming a FOA Adult Advisor? Please indicate below. Please read our Advisor Manual on our website.
Date of Signature *
Please don't hesitate to ask questions regarding our policies and procedures now or during the year. If you are wanting your full application with answers/signatures, for your records, please email FOA and it will be emailed to you. FOA's email is Please also look at our website for frequent updates and information on our trip and its planning.
Friends of Appalachia, Inc. Board of Directors 2019-2020 President- Lisa Peters, Vice President- Avery Peters, Treasurer- Vera Dosky, Secretary- Kyle Peters, Directors - Katie Boland, Kent Lewis, James Corless, Allie Lewis, John Dosky, Chris Shay, Nolan Shay, Gillian Hannon, Jillian Lewis, Callan Vaughn
Friends of Appalachia, Inc. 929 White Plains Road #342 Trumbull, CT 06611
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