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Members of the Utrecht Debating Society automatically become members of the Dutch Debating Association (Nederlandse Debatbond). This association serves as a national platform for information and discussion for all debaters in the Netherlands, of which the Utrecht Debating Society is a member.
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I will hereby give the Utrecht Debating Society permission to take the yearly contribution of € 35,- off my account in the form of an automatic debit.* *
In case you would like to leave UDS, please do so before the October 1st. If you don’t withdraw on time you will have to pay contribution for the following academic year. Please mail your withdrawal to the following address:

Utrecht Debating Society
Achter Sint Pieter 25

Or send an email to

*If you become in a member in the second half of the academic year (i.e. after the Christmas break) you only have have to pay 20,- for this part of the year.

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