Manual toothbrush - Survey 1.0
The questions might sound weird but they are purely for research and validating purposes. Please be honest with your answers.
Appreciate your valuable time :)
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How often do you change your toothbrush? (in months) *
When you change it, do you prefer the same brand as before or change it? *
What is the average price you pay for your toothbrush? (INR) *
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What color toothbrush do you prefer? *
What type of bristles do you prefer? *
If there is greener alternative of toothbrush (without compromising the quality) that would save you some money and also good for the environment, how likely are you to switch? (PS: not recommending you a bamboo toothbrush :p) *
Last question, I swear! Do you think toothbrushes in India are recycled? *
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