Hemingway STEAM Professional Development
Thank you for participating in STEAM PD, we hope you enjoyed the three days, we enjoyed working with everyone at Hemingway Elementary STEAM School.

We want to hear your feedback, so we can keep improving our presentation and content. Please fill out this quick survey and let us know your thoughts and suggestions (your answers will be anonymous).

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Welcome activity: Life in Pictures
Wonder Wander
Investigating questions
The Problem of the Single Story
Graffiti Board Questions
Circle conversation/Talking tokens
Techincal & Scientific Drawing
Nanobots: Engineering Hexbugs
Language Arts: Haiku STEAM lesson
Broken Circles: Exercise in team work
Outdoor learning & drawing trees
Collaborative grade level team planning
How satisfied were you with the session content?
Both presented information & professional learning activities.
Please provide additional comments, concerns or questions regarding the March 2017 sessions or overall agenda.
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What would you would like to know more about in regard to: New teaching ideas, training, lessons plans, methodologies or topics in STEAM teaching and learning?
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