Instructor Application for Multi-Disciplinary Hands-on Blockchain Workshop

As there is a lack of qualified blockchain instructors, DLT Education will be launching an instructor lab in parallel for those seeking to gain skills to teach these technologies. The instructor lab will commence with an orientation session on Wednesday afternoon and conclude mid-afternoon on Saturday: May 16 - 19.

If selected we will notify you at the latest by April 30th. Thank you for your application!


Wednesday 5 pm - 6 pm: Orientation & Hands-on Lab Assistant Prep call

Thursday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm: As per Student Agenda
Saturday 9 am - 4 pm: Instructor Skills and Evaluation Lab

* 10:00 am Lessons Learned from Thursday & Friday
* 10:30 am Creating Dynamic Learning Environments for Learning DLT
* 11:00 am Class Management
* 11:30 am Collaboration with DLT Subject Matter Experts
* 12:00 pm Presentation Skills Training
* 12:30 pm Lunch
* 1:30 pm Preparation & Rehearsals for Individual Presentations on Blockchain, DLT & Token topics
* 2:00 pm Individual Presentations
* 3:30 pm Evaluation and Feedback
* 4:00 pm Adjourn

Wednesday orientation will be via Google Hangout.
Thursday, Friday sessions will be at Shearman & Sterling
Saturday sessions at Galvanize SoHo

If you have any questions email us at:

If you identify with the gender of male - & if you are so inspired, please consider making the #HeForShe commitment:

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