Glean LLC Job Application
Glean LLC is looking for contractors working evening shifts from 5pm to 9 pm Monday through Friday. Saturday hours are available and minimum hours can be from 15-25 hours weekly. We are looking for professional, hard working, trustworthy, and dependable applicants.

You will be asked to maintain a clean & professional appearance, service our customers with detail, and work along side others on the Glean team. If this is something you are interested in, we'd love to have you apply for the Commercial Cleaning contract position.
Acknowledgement Statement: I acknowledge that Glean is a commercial cleaning company, with starting pay of $12-15 hourly with the potential of a bonus for great work done. I can maintain a minimum of 15-25 hours of cleaning per week in the evenings. If hired, I will be asked to work after 4pm Monday -Friday. *
Working for Glean requires that you repeatedly stand, stoop, kneel, bend, lift (up to 30 lbs.), push and pull equipment, climb steps, extend your arms and/or reach above your head. Are you able to perform these essential job functions? *
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Do you have any cleaning experience and if so provide a brief description. *
Do you have a transportation plan to clean buildings in the Downtown, East End, West End, or Shockoe Bottom Areas? *
Can you travel outside of the city of Richmond (including Henrico or Chesterfield for cleaning opportunities? *
Are there any cleaning tasks that you do not or can not perform? *
Are you available to work at least 5 days per week after 4pm? *
What cleaning task that you find most frustrating? *
Some of our customers may require background checks or random drug testing for workers. Would you be willing to undergo a background check? (This includes your last 10 years). *
Please rate yourself on your ability to manage your time. *
I am typically late and have trouble managing my time
I am excellent with managing my time and can use calendars and reminders
Please rate yourself on your ability to be organized *
I am not very organized
I am extremely organized and know where all of my items are within my work setting
Please rate yourself on your ability to use technology *
I do not feel comfortable with technology
I am comfortable with email, texting, and computers
How would you rate your attention to detail (for example, do you notice when things are out of place or different within a room?) *
I am able to notice details once you point them out
I notice details easily and can tell you where everything in a room was before I begin cleaning
Sometimes work assignments change. How easy is it for your to adjust with different cleaning tasks or schedules. *
I do not like change and would prefer no changes made.
As long as I have 24 hours notice, I can make necessary adjustments
Date you are available to begin working *
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Early Afternoons (2pm until 5 pm)
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Have you ever been asked to resign or terminated by a previous job? *
Who referred you to Glean (include first & last name or organization's name):
IMPORTANT: After you hit the submit the button below, a link will appear to schedule your phone interview. Your application will be incomplete without completing your initial phone interview. By checking this box you indicate that you will keep your appointment at the time you scheduled. *
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