Key Town Swing Sign-up | Spring 2021
After an abrupt ending to our last block of classes, the end of this lockdown is in sight. Even though we are not yet able to give you the actual dates for this block of classes, we did want to gauge your interest.

Classes will start as soon as possible, and will run up to the summer holidays (19 July).
Costs are €10 per class, plus €5 admin per block. Taking an extra course gives you a 10% discount.
You will receive a payment information email as soon as we can set a starting date.

19:00 Lindy Hop level 1 - Bass
20:00 Lindy Hop level 2 - Rhythm
21:00 Lindy Hop level 3 - Melody

19:30 Collegiate Shag level 1 - Oompa Loompa
20:45 Collegiate Shag level 2 - Do-Si-Do

Please visit for a short description of all levels.
If you were in Bass before, you can sign up for Rhythm. If you were in Rhythm, you can either stay in this level, or join Melody.
If you are unsure what level to sign up for, or have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask by calling, emailing or texting (WhatsApp) Ron: +31655181613 /

We are likely to go back to the measures that were in place before this lockdown, meaning that you will need to have a fixed partner for classes. As always, it is possible to sign up by yourself, and be appointed a partner. This, however, is not a guarantee for admission, as we always try to keep our classes nicely balanced (max. two extra leaders or followers).
For our dance classes, we follow the regulations protocol as set by Dansondernemers Nederland, in accordance with the Dutch government. Find the latest version here:

Classes will be held at the Key Town Swing Studio, in the old school building at Boshuizerkade 119.

Please note that filling in a registration form does not automatically mean admission. Besides a (possibly restricted) maximum number of students per class, we strive for a good balance between followers and leaders, so it helps to sign up with a partner.
If you do so, please make sure they fill in their own separate registration form.
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In case class is cancelled last minute, we prefer to notify you through a text message, rather than email only.
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Bass - Lindy Hop 1
Rhythm - Lindy Hop 2
Melody - Lindy Hop 3
Oompa Loompa - Collegiate Shag 1
Do-Si-Do - Collegiate Shag 2
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If this is different per course, please clearly specify this in the comments box below. Please fill this in with an ideal situation in mind - we will follow official government issued guidelines at all times!
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