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The Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative (ORICoop) is excited to be working with organic farm owners and investors - in joining the dots of land, business & people! As such we are seeking expressions of interest from experienced organic & biodynamic farm managers to meet the needs of specific farms that are coming to us for consideration, that depend on good management to be a long term success!

We are also looking for good staff and workers, that are interested in organic and biodynamic farming methods.

Full ORICoop details are

ORICoop is founded on the principles of Co-operative values, community, preserved organic farmland, real financial returns and local food production systems. We are excited to share an aspect of this – and are seeking expressions of interest for a component of the farmland investment opportunity. The area, the specific farm opportunity, the structure is conditional on finding the right person, with good experience, background and engaging with the local organic food community.


• Certified organic farmland in Darling Downs region
• Part of larger land parcel
• More land available (STA)
• Rich biodiversity and mixed farming
• Suitable for experienced organic farmer
• On Condamine River
• Land area ready to be planted
• All proposals considered


• Type of production system you are experienced in
• Management position, or structure desired?
• Market &/or farming experience
• Existing market opportunities
• Management team/staff
• Location
• Longevity (5+ years)
• Budget for farmland?
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Area/region (where you are currently working) *
Why are you interested in working in the organic farming industry?
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What types of farm are you managing currently? Or have you worked on/managed previously?
Have you had any experience/exposure in marketing your produce directly to Consumers? Or are you interested in direct supply contracts? *
What area of production are you most interested in (with second choice). And why?
Do you have a management team available (partner/family)? Or would you need additional support?
What sort of career timeframe are you looking for?
Clear selection
What type of financial or business arrangement would be suitable? (ie lease, share farm, manager) And annual turnover required?
Are you able to fund infrastructure or machinery required for farm operation?
Clear selection
Do you have an existing and established market for your produce?
Describe your dream farm?
Would you be open to further training in organic farm management practices?
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