PHLeX 2019 Feedback Survey
Here at Philadelphia's new Lindy Exchange, PHLeX, we'd like to make it bigger and better next year, and would love your feedback! Please give us your honest feedback, including what you loved (so we keep it!), what was less than what you wanted (so we change it!), and what you want to see next year (so we can add it!).

Thanks so much!
-PHLeX Team

Which events at PHLeX did you attend?
If you weren't able to or decided not to attend, please let us know why (other conflict, cost too high, unknown bands, etc.)
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How likely are you to recommend PHLeX to your friends next year?
How did you hear about PHLeX?
Did you feel safe and supported at PHLeX?
I have more to say about the Safer Spaces policy at PHLeX
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What did you think of the Bands at PHLeX? *
1 (meh.)
5 (loved them!)
I did not see this band
Dot Levine and their Singular Band (Friday Evening)
Jack Saint Clair and his Saintly Stompers (Friday Late Night)
Joshua Fialkoff and the Oddfellows (Saturday Evening)
Cecilia Ferneborg and the Big Time (Saturday Late Night)
Parlor Noir (Sunday Afternoon)
Any additional comments about the bands and music?
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What did you think of the venues at PHLeX? *
On a scale of 1-5, please rate your thoughts on the venues for the weekend.
1 (Not a fan)
5 (I loved it!)
I did not attend a dance here
Commodore John Barry Club (Friday and Saturday evening + late night)
Harmony Studio (Saturday afternoon)
Pig Iron Theater (Sunday Afternoon)
New Liberty Distillery (Sunday After-party)
Any additional comments about the venues?
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What did you think about the late night pizza?
How do you feel about the value for the price of PHLeX?
(Only answer if you volunteered for PHLeX) My volunteering experience was:
Not good. :-(
Any additional comments on volunteering experience:
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(Only answer if you were housed or hosted people for PHLeX) My housing experience was:
Not good. :-(
Any additional comments on housing experience:
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Use the following space for any feedback you want to give PHLeX. What would improve your experience? What would you like us to keep the same? Do you want to say something to the organizers? This is the place!
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(optional demographics) Where are you from?
(optional demographics) How long have you been swing dancing?
(optional demographics) How many other weekend events have you attended?
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