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Once you fill out this form you will get a series of on-boarding emails so that you can make the most out of your time in Bansko. You will also get the invoice automatically after midnight or a little bit later if you have a special request.

We have different locations, the main location is in the OLD TOWN area where most of the events happen. Around the corner is our LOUNGE, a great place to socialize. In addition we have the PLAYGROUND in the forest.
As a member you have access to all our locations 24/7 - but we do not guarantee access or a seat at any specific location unless you have bought a fix desk add-on.

Please note that there is no VAT reverse charge possibility as the service is provided locally.

PS: first field is email, in case your browser shows something Cyrillic :-)

PPS: If you fill out this form you will get an invoice automatically.
Please DO NOT fill out this form if you want to come for a FREE TRIAL DAY.
For a free trial you can just show up at the coworking or fill out the specific trial day form.
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Please note that all pricing is net, we will add 20% VAT on your invoice.

Our HOME OFFICE membership is suitable for members that work from home and stay in Bansko for at least 3 months. You can join all events, but use of the space without an event is limited to 1 day per week.

At the moment we have suspended sales of decade memberships and we also do not offer day passes at the moment. 
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Limited amount of pre-loved bikes available from April to November on a first come basis. Please contact Cvetelina after you arrive to get a bike.
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tl;dr Don't be a jerk but rather the best version of yourself
I have read and agree to the coworking manifesto and the code of conduct. I plegde to  become a valuable member of the community.   --- if you have any questions or concerns, please talk to Matthias before signing up. *
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