ERC20 is a cryptocurrency coin made using blockchain technology from Etherum with a contrac address.

Our tokens will be of high value after all sold, therefore please buy now !!! Just send ETH to the contrac adress and the token will be sent to your direct address and this token is not a scam.

The token is a platform for any product either for crowdfunding, loyalty point, donation or other purposes. Token Act aims to create financial inclusion and provide access to anyone to connect with alternative funding and global innovation business.

For Gas you just send 0.005 eth to the contract address 0xf5aeb5220a1ae7c867d9140dde72a65de77efb3f we send AUTOMATIC 50 ACT to your wallet.

Rules can be airdrop bonus:
1. Fill this form complete
2. Join telegram
3. Send Eth for gas only 0.005 to
contract address
4. You can bonus 100 ACT on send
manually to your wallet
>>>>>> 50 ACT + 100 ACT = 150 ACT your will receive <<<<<<<<<<
5. Airdrop -1 Only limited to 5000 participants

Achain Team

Achain ( ACT Token )
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