El Paso City Accelerator
Thank you for taking the time to participate in this effort. The results of this survey will be used to gather baseline data for the City Accelerator project. The City Accelerator project is aimed at improving local job growth for minority and disadvantaged small business owners and entrepreneurs in all employment and business sectors. We hope to remove barriers of access to important resources such as capital, contracts, markets, and strategic business consulting services.

The following survey will help us gather this information and it includes questions regarding your business and background. The survey is confidential. Results of the survey will be provided in aggregate only.

If you have any difficulties with the survey, please report them to Aimee Olivas at (915) 212-1617 or OlivasAP@elpasotexas.gov

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1. How many years have you been in business?
2. How many full time employees does your business have?
3. How many part time employees does your business have?
4. What industry does your business fall under?
5. What is your estimated annual revenue?
6. Which certifications does your business have? Check all that apply.
7. Where does your business obtain the majority of its goods and services? Check all that apply.
8. Have you done business with the City of El Paso?
9. What is your top priority in developing your business in the next year?
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10. What equipment, if any (computer technology, business machines, bulk mailing, printing, etc.), that you do not have access to right now, could help to improve they way your business functions? Please be as specific as you can.
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11. What software (Office productivity, graphic design, accounting, specialized software, HR, etc.) that you do not have access to right now would help to improve the way your business functions? Please be specific.
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12. What types of training would most help to improve your business functions?
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13. What types of resources, business information, publications or online subscriptions tools would most help to improve your business?
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14. What promotional services or tools would you like to utilize to improve your business?
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15. Are there any other elements of your business that you would like additional resources for?
16. What type(s) of financial support has your business received over the past five years? Check all that apply.
17. What were the greatest challenges starting or running your business? Check all that apply.
18. Would your business be interested in participating in the City Accelerator Cohort? (As Defined by Opening Paragraph)
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