Fatness Fiction/+Plus Size - Testimonials "I Use to be a use to"
"I used to be a used to, but I never got use to, being what I used to, be" - Jordan (Meek Mill "Use To Be")


Thank you for your interest in the Fatness Fiction/+Plus Size Magic "Use to be a use to" conversation. As you know, FF is all about being yourself and dispelling the myths associated with the bodies of larger persons. In order to do so, we have created a segment revolving around this idea! Since you are here reading this, I take it you are down for the cause!

Being fat or plus size has its challenges and it is evident you took the time to make changes that you wanted to see. Maybe your desire to change was sparked by a negative comment, some love and support, some hate, or just a change you wanted and we commend you for your efforts! We support you and hope you reach back to support others that may be in a similar situation while recognizing who wants to make changes as well. This project hopes to inspire while motivating groups to embrace their experience. This topic looks at those who used to identify as fat/plus size etc. and now on "the other side". How has the world's view of you changed? How are you living your best life, now? Is it your best life? Give us the 411. Talk about it all!

Please note: This is a voluntary effort and no one is required to commit if you feel uncomfortable at any point. Participating in the discussion grants us permission to publish your story and likeness to our website and marketing materials.

Below are a few questions that will help us gauge your interest and provide us with information to ensure this segment goes magically.

Again, thank you for your participation and please contact us if you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns.

Fictionally Yours,


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Tell us your "Use to be a use to" story pertaining to weight. Be as open as you please. We do not want to restrict your narrative in any way! We have provided some prompts to help you but you are not required to answer them: 1.) What motivated you to lose weight? 2.) What did your support system look like? 3.) How did the world perceive/treat you before the weight loss and after? 4.) What would you tell the next person trying to make a change? *
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