Become a reviewer for DH2018
Dear colleague,

Thank you for your willingness to become a first-time peer reviewer for DH2018! Your willingness to serve the ADHO community as a reviewer will make the work of the Program Committee easier and better (many hands make light work!); more importantly, reviewing submissions for the conference is one of the most meaningful and important ways of engaging our community, encouraging greater community ownership of our conference, and enabling deeper involvement in it.

This year in particular, with the conference being hosted in Latin America, we are keen to recruit reviewers in the two primary languages of the region: Spanish and Portuguese. But reviewers in all languages are needed.

You are receiving this questionnaire as an identified candidate. If you're interested to become a reviewer for the first time, please answer the following questions. We (together with the ADHO Conference Coordinating Committee) will review your qualifications and inform you of the outcome before the review process begins around December 1, 2017.

NOTE: If you've already served as a reviewer for DH in the past, you do not need to fill out this form, but we'll be in touch.

Élika Ortega and Glen Worthey, PC co-chairs

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What is your professional affiliation and job title?
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Candidates must meet at least *two* of the following criteria. Please let us know how you qualify!
1. Are you currently associated (or have you been recently associated) professionally with an institutional DH program, project, or initiative within the last three years? If so, please describe briefly that association:
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2. Do you hold at least a Master’s degree or equivalent in a DH-relevant discipline (including but not limited to the Humanities, Social or Natural Sciences, Library Science, Fine Arts, etc.)? Please indicate which:
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3. Have you presented at a conference, symposium, colloquium, etc., organized by ADHO, its Constituent Organizations, Special Interest Groups, or equivalent -- including those of RedHD, one of DH2018’s host organizations? If so, please indicate which one(s):
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4. Have you published a DH-specific article or essay in a scholarly journal or volume (either print or electronic)? Please list at least one:
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